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For some time I have been a desperate fellow wanting to be loved after waiting for a long time. You came at first and the next time around you’re gone after some time of quarrels and indecisions.

Well, not totally gone though, but still I felt down and blaming myself for everything that went on.

I lied for accusing you a “liar.” Maybe my friends had thought of you leaving me for somebody new as just a set-up. I think it’s the other way around. But either way, it hurt me even more.

They had been hitting me with a shot-gun just to wake me up to reality and begging me to let you go. “She may be a good lady, but not the right one for you,” as one of them uttered.

I had thought of about it. But on the other side, the hell I care this time?

You’ve been confessing me how much you’ve been missing me for some time. The “slick master” you sued to know, the old times we had, the way you feel for me, just plain everything about us. Maybe it’s like an old Hall and Oates song – “You’ve lost a loving feeling.”

Woah, that loving feeling.

Now, I am hearing that line “bring back that loving feeling.” But the question is…. will that be really possible, especially in the complicated heart that I have. I don’t really know for you though, but anyway.

Let me tell you this. Seriously.

You caught me red-handed. I almost moved on, I could almost forget everything just like the way you almost forget what we had… but I can’t deny that I am feeling the same either. I really miss you.

As long as you seriously wish, I am willing to turn my back on everything just for you.

I’ll be willing to do that: to rekindle a burnt-to-ashes-and-smoke love. Yes, literally, to turn back the time. And to turn that “almost” into real like dreams into a reality.

I miss you too….

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I still love you…

And still, I want you back.


Author: slickmaster

Date: 07/21.2012

Time: 10:35 PM

(c) 2012 september twenty-eight productions

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