An Irish kiss

For several years, I have been writing various articles about my adventures in life,and that includes for adults only stories as it vividly describes personal encounters of the past. Sometimes, I write about food which I highly associate in my joy of living alone. Yes, I live alone and that taught me how to live freely and passionately because no one is there to judge me, watch me, control me or pay for my personal expenses. These stories however remain to be untold as I keep them to myself and upload them only in private blog sites where one may only read if they follow me. This time, I choose to share my adventures through a famous Filipino blog site, where most readers are Filipinos, or maybe just Filipino lovers.

Irish Kiss      (Photo Credit      Malestandard)

I am starting this blog with the hope that someday people would relate to my experiences and share the joys of traveling, cooking, meeting new people, and uncovering sorrows to make them lessons learned from the past. My blog is named facebook for lunch as I only have time to write non-work related articles at lunch time. Furthermore, people often ask me what I will have for lunch, and I always say… facebook. Hell yeah, I literally eat facebook for lunch. I am a busy woman and it is only during noon that I enjoy browsing through my friends updates, gossiping about what is new in their personal lives, and digging for more information about how crappy sometimes life could be.