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Worldwide Reactions, Tweets and Comments from Pacquiao/Bradley Travesty

On the crazy uproar of an aftermath — otherwise known as the Pacquiao vs Bradley debacle — a worldwide eruption has scorch the living hell out of this planet.


image from: sbnation


People have plenty to say. The Internet exploded. Worldwide reactions are ablaze! Here are the best comments, reactions and tweets from some of the world’s celebrities.

From Hollywood:

Jessica Biel: What a joke! I can’t believe they gave it to Bradley.

Marlon Wayans: I’m protesting boxing ’til this is fixed! Do not support this sport until this is fixed! This is a disrespect to the art.

Elizabeth Banks: So I take it Manny Pacquiao got robbed. #RIPBoxing

Khloé Kardashian Odom: Is this a joke? Bible am I tripping out??? WAIT A MINUTE?!? HOLD UP!!! ARE THEY FOR REAL???????????????????” The stats don’t add up to the decision made. This is crazy! Can I really get my money back now? So when Bradley checks the tape…. And sees what we all saw… Will he give the belt to Pac? What winner says they need to check the tape?

Then the Music World pitched in:

Justin Timberlake: I cannot believe what I saw… Please tell me they read that decision wrong. I’m gonna let it go… after I say this… boxing was RUINED tonight for me

@BritneySpears: #MannyPacquiaoIsStillTheWorldsBestBoxer I can’t stand watching boxing anymore. It’s rigged #RIPBoxing

Nick Carter: Bradley should man up and return that belt! This is so sad…

Miley Cyrus: umm wtf?!? Were the judges not watching the same fight I was??? wowwww. I keep thinking they are gonna say “gotchya!” MP (NTBC) is the hero here and every body knows it! I feel so sad right now! I wanna send him a belt! ha! that summm bulllshit! This just proves that everything boils down to politics. ugh. Why cant people just fight fair?! Let the WINNERS win!

Chris Daughtry: Bradley did NOT deserve that win!!!! This is a disgrace!

Lady Gaga: I only watch boxing because of Manny Pacquiao and #MannyPacquiaoIsStillTheWorldsBestBoxer — Twitter holds the truth. #MannyPacquiaoIsStillTheWorldsBestBoxer

Katy Perry: #RIPBoxing #MannyPacquiaoIsStillTheWorldsBestBoxer The whole world is disappointed just look at the TT. But we all know who really won!

Jessica Sanchez: “Congrats to the new Winner but I’m still really upset about the results”

Even the NBA players felt it:

Jeremy Lin: That was disappointing…  Manny landed double the punches, but Bradley landed double the hugs #boxing is dead

SHAQ: I watched allota fights but that decision was some bs. Now I wanna see pacqiou verses may weather I spelled PAC mans name wrong so what lol

Tyson Chandler: My Boy PAC-MaN just got robbed without a GUN!!!

The Gangsta Rappers let it all out.

SnoopDogg: Ain’t that sum bull*** Boxing is a wrap. Going back on that ultimate fighting


Xzibit: I live in LA, if I wanted to see somebody get robbed,I could go outside and see it for free, it shouldn’t cost me 65 bucks. #PacBradley

Fellow Boxers’ response:

Amir Khan: What a robbery. Bradley did not win this fight. The crowd are boo-ing while he’s being interviewed.

@OscarDeLaHoya: Bradley should have given the belt and announce victory to paquiao right after the decision.

Lennox Lewis: Unbelievable! #PacBradley This is another stain on boxing. Even worse than my draw with Holyfield! #Disgraceful — Pac won the fight. Bradley won the decision. Aurum won another payday. Boxing lost its integrity and the fans lost confidence.

Kevin Iole (Boxing Journalist): He [Pacman] was smiling and affable at the post-fight news conference and, notably, didn’t have a mark on his face for the first time in years.

Even Manny’s Nemesis pitched in…

(well, his dad anyway. Nothing heard from junior. Yet.)

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I think Pacquiao should have won. #PacBradley

And the UFC people got pissed.

Dana White: Nevada state athletic commission at its finest!!! Youve for to be [expletive] kidding me!! that is disgusting Nevada state athletic commission!!

Joe Rogan @joerogan: Holy s— that was a terrible decision in the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight. Someone committed a f—ing crime.

@MiguelTorres: PacMan got robbed, so the world is fair after all… Wait, no its not. What bullshit.

Mark Munoz: Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! #PacquiaovsBradley That decision was crazy. Don’t know what the judges were watching! #craziness

From Manny’s camp:

Freddie Roach: I thought we clearly, clearly won the fight. I think [the judges] had their eyes closed. #PacBradley

Jinkee Pacquiao: Everyone on MGM couldn’t believe on the outcome.. still can’t get over the loud boos and we can’t barely hear the post-interviews.

And from the man himself…

Manny Pacquiao: 100 percent I believe that I won the fight. The decision has already been done. So you have to give credit to [Bradley].

Manny Pacquiao: I don’t even remember if he hurt me with even one punch. [Laughs] Amazing what the result is. #PacBradley

It doesn’t take a boxing judge , nor trainer, or boxer himself, to see that Saturday’s fight was a horror story. What’s left to tinker about though, is how much more damage boxing going to get with its already shaky reputation. We’ll see.

author:  dean castro


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  • Pinky

    The whole world knew who really won that fight! That belt still belongs to MANNY PACQUIAO! T Bradley you don’t deserve that belt! Return the belt to Manny if you have some decency. Those judges fix the fight!

  • Dan

    I felt that I was robbed in my own living room in front of my family. All involved on this crime should be prosecuted and jailed.

  • james

    the video itself does not show bradley as the winner. or else i had a a very very bad eye sight….

  • Alex Capone

    I watched the fight and watch the reply over and over again. It is clearly that Pacquiao wins by a wide margin. I don’t know where the Judges got there numbers. Did they decided the numbers to be 115-113 before the fight? Help me figure out. I am still puzzled about the 115-113. How did they arrived to that results? Is the other Judge who give it to Pacquiao made a mistake or did not get the instruction? Anyway, I give him a plus for Giving the fight to Pacquiao. From now on I will not go and see Boxing anymore. It is a rip off and rigged. #RIPBoxing…

  • eli abellera

    Maybe a reform in judging is needed or an investigation as to how the judges came up with such atrocious decision?
    Let us hope that the dirty old trick of fight fixing did not play a role into this. Pacquiao did so much to restore the brutal sport of boxing to respectability to come to this. What a shame, an absolute shame!