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Why Do We Have Emotions?

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Hi my name is Homer. Why, hello there? Like most of you, I live, learn, laugh, cry, and do all sorts of crazy things. What can I say, that's life eh? If anything of what I will be submitting here from time to time affects you in any way, shape, or form, then you're more than welcome adding me on facebook @ [email protected] and say hi or whatever. Peace!

Different emoticons (Photo credit: crunchdot)

Different emoticons (Photo credit: crunchdot)

Emotion is a complex experience that we feel as an interaction with biochemical and environmental state of mind.  When we feel an emotion, it involves physiological arousal, expressive behaviours, and conscious experience.  It is often associated with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation.  However, why exactly do we have emotions?  It is necessary for us (humans) to have emotions, for it helps us be motivated for action, communicate well with others, and to find out what we like and do not like.

We need emotions for it helps us be motivated for action.  Our behaviour is organized in a way of how we are currently feeling.  Therefore, our emotion sets us in motion to accomplishing a goal.  When we feel anxious about a future event, we tend to prepare in ways we can in order to succeed.  It is a great example that proves our emotions do affect what kind of actions we would take.

It is very important for us to have emotions to be able to communicate well with other people.  We do so by using our verbal and nonverbal behaviour, just like when a person is mad at you, they will most likely raise their voice in a firm tone. In the same way, emotions help us recognize and identify what and how exactly others are feeling.  The behaviour we express either positive or negative, is being directed and energized solely by our emotions.

Finally, we need emotions because it tells us what we like and do not like.  It affects our decision whether to think positively or negatively on certain things. Emotions help us identify the kind of hobbies we like, people we like to be around with, our interest, values, and how we would like to be treated.  We instinctively feel the certain way because of the emotions we feel.

Emotion is a complex behaviour that we feel, and is essentially important for what makes us, humans.  We need emotions for it involves how we express our behaviours, how we become physiologically aroused, and how we disposition ourselves.  Ultimately, it is absolutely necessary for us to have emotion because it motivates us for action, helps us communicate well with others, and to find out what we like and do not like.

author: homergavino


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