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The Stars

”It is more beautiful in the night to see the stars than it is in the light – Plato.”

Stars at night  (Photo Credit:  Scenicreflections)

Stars at night (Photo Credit: Scenicreflections)

I am insecure because they have something that I don’t have, that I would have had if things are not the way they are now.

But God, why her? She’s the one who told me that I’m ugly and I look like a mongoloid when we were in high school. She’s one of the many people who belittled and degraded me.

I know I should just be happy for her, and the right time will surely come for me. But it just stinks. I have seen the brightest day of her life during the peak of my darkest days.

And it grew more dark. But somehow, the stars entertained me.

“When it’s dark enough, you can see the stars – Ralph Waldo Emerson”

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