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The Idea of You

About astralshift

is a homeless bastard that thinks on solving world problems by worrying on how to earn millions of pesos. my website:

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I realized that happiness is never equal to the other person. Having the one for you may give joy to your being but it never equates with happiness. Happiness is a road. not a destination. If you are looking for a partner in life, be happy first. enjoy what you have right now and share it. Happiness was meant to be given, not stored. So share the happiness with you and the person who can complement you may be attracted to you. People are attracted to persons who are happy, not with someone who have dirt bags on them.

Just be you. and no one can love you more except yourself. Do things that will bring joy to others. Never ridicule yourself nor ridicule others. Never also be molded by false ideas of what beauty is as presented by the society. I realized that looks can really be deceiving. first hand experience. It is the attitude that counts and expect the person will say that he or she is happy that they have you.

author:  astralshift


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  • charing

    Nice advice and goodluck to you. I agree with you it better he/she be themselves 🙂


    Hi Author! I like your blog =) keep on writing and once you earned that 1M, don’t ever forget me to be the one you want to share 😀 (i hope you’ll be serious here)
    Hey! again i like your blog and thanks for sharing your ideas and I agree on you. BUT why don’t you want to get married or having married life? Your still young and many things may happened in our journey.
    Keep doing good, feel good and think good.. God bless you Dear 🙂

    • hahaha thanks! dont worry, once i got a million, ill call you right up to share it!

      its not that i dont want it… its just that almost all married people are always mocking their relationship with their partners. when i got married, i dont want to be like them. regretting their choices.