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Stress Makes You Fat! (Six Reasons Why)

About andrea

Visit my blog! An anonymous being, a writer hidden in the shadows; I come with the darkest clouds and pen darker thoughts to paper. I am the fog, the shadow, the mist. Come see me and you can never go back.

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Stress is bad. We all know that. Especially in this modern era, we need to avoid chronic stress at all costs!

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So without further adieu, here are 6 reasons why stress makes you fat.

1. Stress slows metabolism.

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2. Stress and Cravings

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3. Fat Storage

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And by abdominal fat, I mean, big gut, fat stomach, ugh, flabby belly. Again, ugh.

4. Emotional Eating.

Chronic stress leads to depression, thus, leads to emotional eating. This is the time when you find yourself scouring the fridge, viciously devouring  that junk food— yet you’re not really hungry, are you?

5. Quick Meals/Fast Foods

The number one reason for stress in our society today, is work. We get too busy that we can’t even properly prepare a healthy meal anymore. A quick drive-through on the way home is now considered an ordinary dinner. And yes, fast foods make you extremely large.

6. Less time for Exercise.

Your demanding boss devours all of your time. When you get home, you don’t even have time to properly prepare a healthy meal, or clean your house, or wash your dishes, or anything really.

Fact: Your eight hours a day, plus one hour lunch break, plus commuting time, is actually 11-12 hours! Really. How can you find time for exercise?

I was getting fat on my previous job as a receptionist. I barely ate, yet I still wasn’t losing weight. And it’s all because of my big, bad boss.

But now, as I am a full-time mommy/freelancer (working only 3 hours a day as a freelancer), I prepare healthy meals twice a day. Yep, I only eat twice (breakfast and dinner). Still, no matter how much I overeat, I don’t get fat. :)

And by the way, “no stress” means “no cravings.” Which is why I’m holding a yummy, ice-cold cookies n’ cream right now.

Wait, what?!

author: andrea


  • charing

    Interesting, baka yon ang dahilan kaya nag gain ako nang weight pero di naman ako fat may palusot pa talaga heheh.
    Hindi naman siguro ako stress medyo bumalik lang yata ang dati kong katawan as healthy 🙂