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Playful Soulmate And Destiny

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Then when my destiny came and saved me from distress. We were so different. We always quarrel but at the end of the day, we will always find ourselves on each others arms. He is not my soul mate for sure but were destined to be together. I do love him with all sincerity. We had so much challenges and tears but were still together and our love is just getting stronger.

You’re blessed if your soul mate and your destiny turned out to be the same person. You’ll be the happiest.

Am I happy with my destiny guy right now? Yes, definitely I am. Though a part of me, of my heart and of my soul will always be owned by my lost soul mate with surprisingly no bitterness at all. Just plain, cherished memories of the different connection that we had.

author:  babug


  • Galo

    I believe you, there are different kinds of love.


    You should wait for my piece on the subject in the coming weeks…titled “soulmates, what it is (and what it’s not)”…its eerily similar to your story but it reinforces my view on the subject. The problem really is the way people conceptualizes soulmates….it’s is their own expectations that dooms them. People tend to think that a soulmate is your perfect fit but in reality it’s not. Just wait for it na lang. It will even explain why you dont feel any bitterness at all. =-)