Bob Ong Bopoks  (Photo Credit:  Deejaycmos.blogspot)

Bob Ong Bopoks (Photo Credit: Deejaycmos.blogspot)

They say (dunno, some dude) that people from non-Tagalog speaking provinces speak better Tagalog because they tend to speak it formally.

Ehh… It’s true that my classmates back in high school and college speak and write awesome Tagalog, but not everyone. (Exhibit A: tsing–the author of this blog) Well… Sorry, I’m from Davao City… bisaya mi, tol!

I rarely get to speak Tagalog + when it’s Pilipino subject time.  My brain would go kaputz! In short, I’m not a fan. But when Bob Ong’s books got released, (pakipot pa, ini-isnub pa pag nakikita ito sa National Bookstore pero in the end, binili lang rin).

I said to myself “Wow! Ang ganda naman ng Tagalog niya” (stupid! It has always been like that). I became a fan (of the language and Bob Ong). Hihihi.

Though in truth, few people speak and write Tagalog like the way Bob Ong does it (you know, formal).

author:  tsing


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