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Madame Miriam, I Salute Thee!

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I am an idealist. I seek for the unheard of and revel in humanity's uncommon imperfections. I write because there is something to tell the world. Such an exertion, I think, is giving me a proper purpose here on earth. I am open to all comments, suggestions, violent reactions and curses. To each his own. The Most Exact Schedules Forex Forecast Forex 60s Binary Option System 100 Free Top Home Sales Business

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Categories under the SALN are too ambiguous. During my stint at the Cebu City Government, I myself had trouble. I wondered to myself if I should disclose the value of my fake jewelries or if property meant the lands my parents own (which I will eventually inherit) or lands which I personally bought and are currently under my name. Because I couldn’t inherit or buy any land yet, I had no property to disclose of then (I was 21 at the time) except for a credit card with a P10k credit limit, the bank account provided by the government (Land Bank), the RCBC bank account I had which contained P500, clothes, shoes and a bunch of notebooks for my doodles. I passed my SALN relatively blank and so did my colleagues. I don’t recall any category that said “dollar accounts: old and new.” If non-disclosure of dollar accounts is all it takes to get impeached, then we sure have a lot of candidates for the next twenty years (one senator every year?). What about all the government employees who submitted almost blank SALNs because it was too ambiguouos to digest? Shouldn’t they be convicted as well?

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author: Ehx Tihn



  • Sweet_Marionne

    i also had my high respect for her as well as to the other two senators Joker Arroyo and Bongbong Marcos. They stood by their grounds on what they think is right even if outnumbered by the other senator judges who only think on how to get that pogi points for the public to see. Philippine politics is just way to disgusting but it is still much a good sight that there are still those politicians who know the constitution well and stood by it.

    • aye! but don’t lose hope, sweet marionne. (: our politics will mature in time.

  • ici

    i salute her too. as i do joker and bbm.

    good article!