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Erik Spoelstra makes history as the 1st Filipino-American in the NBA to win a Championship

Erik Spoelstra – the head coach of the Miami Heat has finally won his first Championship. Being the youngest coach in NBA history, there were many who doubted Spoelstra when Pat Riley made him head coach at 37 years old in 2008. How could a man with no NBA experience, no titles lead a team? those were many questions asked by his doubters. Who would of thought Spoelstra would be ever in this position? Spoelstra once stated in an interview ” If I did have a quiet moment to myself, I was thinking about coaching high school, not to be frank maybe thinking about coaching college.” – Miami Heat News HD. I remember when he started working with the league as a video intern in 1995 in charge of watching NBA games for the Heat coaching staff.

This championship is as much his as any of the players. The Heat could not have won anything without the Big Three (or many others on the roster), but they could not have done it without Spoelstra either. At the post presser Spoelstra expressed ” We have a brotherhood now, it makes this moment gratifying.” And Spoelstra even mentioned Congressman Manny Pacquiao ” Everyone knows I’m a Pacquiao fan.” Congrats to the Heat and to our Fil-Am’s very own Erik Speoelstra for making history!

*photo credit* NBA & ESPN

  • Julianna

    Aby thank you for keeping us informed! Congratulations to you and Erik! You two would be the 1st Filipino American NBA couple! If both of you are single haha. Cute naman.

  • @Ree Palitec: That’s Erik’s plan this summer! He’s always been proud of his Filipino heritage and wants to improve the PBA.