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‘Di man ako naging man of my word at nag-give up na pero maari kong sabihin na ginawa ko ang tama. Iniisip ko rin sometimes na she could get disapointed but who cares? Why think about someone who never did have a single thought of you? Minsan nakasalubong ko siya sa corridor. First time seeing her since the break-up. All I did was short stare then walked away. Never minding that she might look back or something. Doon ko narealize na tama nga ang mga ginawa ko. Sabi nila that you’re truly moved on the moment you stopped caring. Honestly, I still care a little but I’m setting limits to that. ‘Di mo din naman kasi maiiwasan na gawin yun kasi madami din kayong pinagdaanan. Pero isa lang masasabi ko about us. No regrets.

Now I went from sad to happy. From anger to self-fulfillment. From bitter to better.  I was once a person who fell in love too much and never did care of myself. Yes, if there’s one thing I learned from our relationship, it is to love  yourself in the process. Not just her, but also yourself. Ask yourself, “What am I doing?” then ask again “Am I okay?” That’s the time when you will learn that it’s not the things in life that counts, but the way those things treat you. With this thoughts, I learned to be happy indeed and letting go was a long and winding road. But at the end. I found that happiness that I can’t find in the past.

I may not have been the man that I told her to be and the one who kept the promise of waiting, but this is the closure that I am looking for. This is the one thing that did break me but made me stand stronger.

It’s just crying a river and building a bridge to get over it.

author: nicholaim


  • CatchingStars

    I feel you. 🙁 It’s been three months since my boyfriend of 3 years and 2mos and I broke up. It was very painful. It still is, actually. But just a week ago I made a choice to move on. Kasi kahit anong mangyari, kahit gaano kasakit, hindi naman titigil yung mundo para sakin. So it’s either I move on with life or dwell in sadness. Sobrang hirap, but I just find solace in knowing that there are a lot of other people out there who have experienced the same pain but have successfully emerged from it. 🙂 Kaya kung sakaling may moment na bigla ka malungkot ulit, kapit lang kapatid. Uusad ka din. 🙂 God bless!

  • clairetim

    and that really hurts..
    but deleting everything doesn’t mean forgetting everything..
    just a thought..

  • Ferd

    This really helps. I’m recently going through the same experience. I still have her pictures. I’m still in the process of accepting what happened. Hopefully I will get over this. I am looking forward to the day that I can say “I’m okay.” But for now the pain is still fresh. Ang mahirap is we were living together and now I just feel all alone sa bahay. Thanks for sharing this bro.

  • NEL

    Ganyan talaga ang mga letrato dre. Photographs are ones part of life that is frozen in time. It can and will bring back a lot of memories. How one handles those memories is the difference between an adult and a child. I know it’s sounds too simple and maybe it is. Difficult to deal with? Absolutely. Time is also a great healer. It also helps if you have someone new to help get over her, hehehe =)…It can only get better, you’ll see. Good Luck!