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Appreciate a Man

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Appreciate a man who doesn’t give you flowers and love letters every time. He knows your dream man is not him and his attitude is far behind your ideal man but appreciate him because he can offer his tears in times of misunderstandings. He couldn’t give you roses and chocolates, but he search for jokes and pick up lines (ung pinaka korni na yata) for your smile.

Appreciate a man who creates a dream with an open-ended story. He is willing to give his life to you and let you draw the climax of his dream with you right beside his arms.

Appreciate an engineer writing an English letter for you. He bleeds RED and BLUE in his nose but definitely he doesn’t care even if the readers would laugh at his grammar because he knows that this would make you appreciate him even more.

author:  sumbongsumbong


  • Good post..actually good is an underestatement..this is really heartwarming abd touching lalo na yung “Appreciate a man begging for forgiveness at the expense of your mistakes. He will always end the argument with a hug and a kiss that would make you feel nothing is wrong after a long quarrel.” naalala ko yung isang ex ko, 9/10 sa post mo yung character niya..but i let him go, not that I dont appreciate him nor I disregarded him pero thats the best way that hoping he will come back..and when that time comes ill grab him and will never let go.. (tapos yung music butterfly by mariah carey) thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Hahaha, not all engineers are horrible at English. It just takes practice.

    Good post though.

  • quietstorm

    .. maybe ur an engineer?? hahaha!! but nice one..