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Ability to Love…

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nais lamang makagawa ng pagbabago... o kaya nama'y magpalambot ng matitigas na puso... nais lamang manggising ng mga nahimbing na isipan... kung hindi man, sapat nang maipahayag laman kalooban <3 Ako si ayel, labing anim na taong gulang... lubos na gumagalang :-)

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Is The Toronto Stock Exchange Open On Remembrance Day Binary Option In Trading Indicator V1 0 “Twelve-year old kills his Mom,” “13-yr old shoots his lover dead,” “19 soldiers killed in Basilan,” “No mercy for teacher who raped daughter,” “Mayor pockets funds for feeding program”– these are some of the headlines of newspapers, televisions, and radios currently.

Happenings nowadays are alarming. As our economy rises, our morality degrades. Crimes such as massive killings, rape, acts of lasciviousness, corruption, car napping, robbery, kid napping, and human trafficking are becoming rampant in our present society. We are also experiencing some sort of vengeance; vengeance from someone we must be protecting the most-our Mother Nature.

We tend to be unmindful of our surroundings and we used to be deaf to her plea. With all the calamities that we have experienced, with all the pitiful scenes that we have seen-men scurrying around, picking up remains of their homes and belongings, poking through wires that carry current, crying for their lost loved ones, and staring helplessly at the rubble that is left of their homes-with this harsh process of learning that we have witnessed, we never learned.

Nevertheless, it is during these “plane crashes” when new heroes are born. It is hard to imagine anyone today who cares about others. Fortunately, there are a number of exceptional people who are not only concerned about themselves, but also with their fellowmen. These people are willing to extend their hands to others, as they organize themselves for a common vision and a mission to provide special services for humanity.

They may not be recognized or honored, but they knew in themselves that they saved and helped people not because they need to, but because they love to. For these heroes, it is honorable to die or sacrifice so others may simply live in peace. They dedicated their innocence, their idealism, and their enthusiasm for the good of mankind. Some gave generously their blood to wash away so much shame, crime, and abomination.

When these kind-hearted Filipinos work together, their power is multiplied a hundredfold. They have a power to inspire change, and brighten the hope of people. This proves that there is truly something amazing about the character of Filipinos. Why is it so easy for them to triumph over obstacles impressively? Why do they still survive despite of difficult times and limited resources? Why do heroes still arouse even if all of them are already suffering?

The answer is simple. It is because Filipinos never lose their ability to love. They share same spirit, walk hand-in-hand, and help each other especially in times of crises. Through it, heroes are born and they overcome everything.

Many times in our lives, darkness falls upon us. But once we learn how to arise above all challenges and fight, we might capture the light. One does not need to have a good reputation or a clean name to become a hero. He doesn’t need to be recognized or acknowledged to be called a hero. What he must have is a clean heart willing to help merely for love, because heroism is not about the need of a person to act when the events require him to do so. It is about the ability of a person to love even if the situation is thorny enough to let him fall.

author:  akoayel