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A Letter to My Lover, My Student

About marieands

Just exploring this journey called life. Loving life and everything that goes with it, the ups and downs. To quote Shakespeare: All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely Players; They have their Exits and their Entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts. A pharmacist and nurse by profession. A Scholastican and a Thomasian. I simply like to share my thoughts and ideas. In life, we win some and we lose some. But I write to EXPRESS not to IMPRESS. I hope that I somehow inspire other people through my writings. "Be polite; write diplomatically; even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness."--Otto von Bismarck

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You also shared your problems with me and I know that you felt a lot better because I was there as well.  And so we fell in love.

I know that people might raise eyebrows and find it hard to accept us. You are 21 years old and I am 35 yrs old. You have a bright future ahead of you and you can still meet a lot of girls in your young age. Starting a loving relationship with you is full of challenges and sometimes I wonder if I should just give up. I don’t want you to see me getting a lot older than you. You are sporty and I know that only a young woman can keep up with you.

I remember the times when you were there to listen and give me friendly advice. It was easy to talk about my other problems, with you. It was free-flowing, unrestrained, not thinking if I may hurt you or not. We were friends, brothers and sisters, confidantes. But alas we had too much of a good thing, and we crossed the boundary beyond friendship. We admitted loving each other, but we knew from the start that things are not going to be easy.

I know that this is wrong, so let me be the one to tell you : Let’s just be friends. Let me just be there to support you whenever you need someone to guide you. I don’t want to lose you because I want to keep you forever.

When we continue our romantic relationship, I know that there is going to be a goodbye in the end. We can still save whatever that is left. Let’s throw away the frustrations and heartaches. Let’s step back, and go back to the beginning. And continue the beautiful friendship we have. Let’s start from there again, so we can be happy once more.

That’s the only way we can preserve love, beauty and respect. That is embodied in a red rose. The red rose which reminds me of you. I want it to stay alive and remain beautiful, and not wither or die. I want to preserve our beautiful friendship.

I know that there is a much  suitable woman for you and damn, is she going to be lucky to have you. I guess we met in a wrong time. If only we could turn back the hands of time, I wished that our age is much closer.

Whatever happens, I will always love and care for you. You will always have a special place in my heart, and that will last forever.

I will continue to love you, maybe in a different level,  but I love you just the same.

I will always be here whenever you need me.

From your Loving Teacher

author:  mariands