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A Letter to My Future Husband

My God’s Best,

Sometimes I wonder where you are. Where could you be right now in this very minute? Could you still be working, hanging out with friends or family or could be talking to the lover of your soul, Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to see you, to hug you and tell you all the things about me, who I was and who I have become because of Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to share with you my innermost thoughts, and how God is molding me day after day so He could use me in the future all for His glory. While waiting for God to reveal you to me, it doesn’t make me impatient, but rather, I am excited on how God will orchestrate our love story. I am praying that you are blessed with so many things, and as you wait for me, I hope that you are falling in love with Jesus more and more each day.I pray that your work, your family, or anything that you have will not be your idol so when that moment comes, I will be your partner, but not your priority. You will lead me closer to Christ, and make sure my purity is secured. I am praying that you love your family. In that way, it will be easier for you to love my family too and the family we will create one day.

Writing love letter (Photo credit: themescompany)

Writing love letter (Photo credit: themescompany)

And when we say “I DO”, it will be one of the best weddings our friends and family will ever witness. They will know that God is indeed the master of love stories.

Wherever you are, think of me once in a while. Take your time. God will reveal me to you in His time. Keep falling in love with Jesus because that will be the reason why I will fall in love with you… Soon, my love, soon…

Praying for You,

author: iamhoney


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