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Ako ang Bida ng Aking Buhay


i love to blogs though i am not a professional writer. My minds goes anywhere, it is just a fruit of my imagination. This fruit may instilled in your mind and learn from it. I hate people who judged me. i am here to share the talents i have. Just give your opinions but not against the writer...

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Reading makes my mood light and bright. As I reflect , in every life we take there are ups and downs which in the end, tayo pa rin ang bida; if only we can conquer the problems which comes with living.

Like the “bida” in the novels, they underwent a lot of sacrifices, but they never loses hope. They night end up broken into pieces, but afterwards they are able to stand with dignity and eventually become proud of themselves.

This made me realize that we, ourselves are the bida of our own lives. Take it or leave it. If we will not counteract the negative things, then we can become the “kontrabida” which destroys our own selves or fall unto the wrong way.

Don’t be a “kontrabida” to yourselves, be a “bida” always for a merrier life.

author:  maricel


  • Laraine

    Reading any kind of books that is well-written with wonderful characters whom you can relate to, gives you vicarious experience. Also develops imagination,imporves vocabolary, empathy, and relaxes you. Best movies starts out are from books anyway,books have more possibilties that you can’t put in a movie. I love historical romantic comedy best, cause it they have the strongest characters. Women have to be tougher epecially when they have less options back then, and even though life is simplier back then, it is was harder, especially survival cause there we’re many wars, rough terrain/lands to live in,no electricity, and no cars…. 😛 …Makes you thankful of what you have now that they don’t have back then…we can’t live in the past but can learn from it…Stories have to come somewhere, so as my best friend says, it has some have to come from real life anyway…we just have tounderstand what is real and what is not… 🙂