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Pros and Cons of a Slacker

About Fritz Dacquigan

Antisocial Freelance Fashion Designer, Artist, Nurse, Coffeeholic..and most of all, Dalagang Pilipina!CHARAUGHT!!!

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Pro: No school and work, I get to sleep as long as I want.
Con: According to Reader’s Digest, sleeping more than the required hours decreases a man’s lifespan.

Pro: I can pull an all-nighter for a movie marathon or a good book.

Con: Just because Reader’s Digest told that excessive sleeping is “lethal” means inadequate sleep would do.  Just so you know sleeping late is also unhealthy. Plus, we are more vulnerable to the attacks of ghosts and witches during 12am 3am which is known as the “witching hours.”

Pro: There are no projects and paperwork to be done anymore.

Con: I’m doing nothing at all.  Needless to say, it’s BORING!

Pro: There’s a lot of time to stalk my crushes on Facebook. I can even add some to my list of crushes when I see a cute friend of a friend.
Con: That’s just it! They’re pretty much virtual. I can’t see them in flesh in real time because I’m home bound most of the time.

Pro: Since I’m rarely out of the house, I’ve got lesser going out get-ups to wash.
Con: Since I’m in my bed most of the time, there might be more used blankets, bed sheets and other beddings I have to wash. I’m not also excused from washing my home clothes and pajamas.

Pro: My school or work timetable is so free I can go to parties and clubbing with my friends.
Con: No school and work means no lunch money anymore and no income yet– nothing to spend for a cocktail drink. And in cases I’ve got spare cash for a drink, I always pray we don’t go to a bar or club that charges an entrance fee.

Pro: Wait! I may have no money to buy spirits ,but there’s my father’s liquor stash. I can just steal a bottle for BYOB events. Free drinks!
Con: It’s old men’s liquor. No one in our circle of friends drink those kinds.

Pro: Since I’m just inside our house, there’s a lesser chance to get sunburns during hot days.
Con: My sister sent us a year’s supply of sunscreens. Maybe I’ll just leave them out there to expire.

Pro: Since I’m just inside our house, there’s a lesser chance to get drenched during rainy days.
Con: Other people won’t see how nice my trench coats, blazers, boots, umbrella and whatever rainy-day wears I’ve got.

Pro: I have time to update my status in Facebook every minute if I wanted to.
Con: I have higher chances to be blocked or reported because my friends find me annoying. You know, babbling on their News Feed.

Pro: I can also Tweet all I want!
Con: Nothing much is going on with my life to tweet actually. I will just end up re-tweeting other people’s posts.

Pro: I get to eat a lot and increase my almost underweight Body Mass Index.
Con: I have a fast metabolism. My wish of looking more rounded – not granted!

Pro: I can make some clothes with my sewing machine.

Con: No fabrics bought. No money to buy them.

Pro: I get to sing and listen to the Slackers’ Anthem which “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars.
Con: I’m not a Bruno Mars fan at all.

Pro: I have time to blog in WordPress!
Con: Since I’m a slacker, I’m feeling lazy to continue writing this post.


author:  xoxofrets


  • this is a funny post. That’s exactly what slackers have in mind. I don’t consider myself a slacker. I have always been working. nahihiya kasi ako sa parents ko. I feel too old para umasa pa sa kanila.

    So if i were you, swallow your pride and find something you can do to earn and not be a slacker.. but that’s just me. Since you’ve been writing, why not look for online writing sites. marami dyan… all you have to do is look. earning your own money has this indescribable feeling. so i hope you get to wake up eventually and not be a slacker anymore. but for now, enjoy what you have… hope it’s not too long.

  • Helen Heidel

    I am commenting in behalf of my bunso who “WAS” a “not so much” slacker like you for 2 years after he graduated as a nurse. He had been hopeless, awang awa ako sa kanya kasi nga nurses had been lima singko dyan sa pilipinas pero narealize nya na hindi lang para sa ospital ang mga nurses so nasa BJMP na sya ngayon after 6 months of rigid training….hindi na sya umaasa sa akin ….. i like your article!!!

  • well done! so, as a slacker, I guess you don´t have a dream or a goal in life, right? haha. Kidding aside, I suggest you move your a** out of your bed and make your parents proud. There are so many people out there who wishes to have a degree like yours. Use it wisely. 🙂