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Poverty of Clothing Isn’t Poverty of the Mind

About Thadie MD

Thad studied at the College of Architecture, University of the Philippines, Diliman- followed by another four years of ora et labora at St. Scholastica’s College in Tacloban. He was Features Editor of Binhi Magazine from 2008-2010. An avid traveler and true blue Leyteno, he enjoys meeting new people and exploring new horizons. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Medicine degree.

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Like the past slowly dissolving, all of my things from work have deteriorated through time. I’m a little pissed, and maybe a little sad about it- but I’m having the time of my life with all my current adventures. I mostly dress down now, since there are no client meetings to go to or interviews- just going to school and traveling around the province. I’m content, I really am. Happy that at last I’ve looked beyond the material gauge of success- it’s a life lesson learned.

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  • I used to like reading articles from DF before, but I’ve noticed that as time goes, most of the articles are lacking in substance.. baloney..

    • Thanks for your opinion, I respect that 🙂 In my five years of blogging I learned that one can never please everybody, and that for a diverse number of entries even from a single author, the response could range from lukewarm to positive, or even none at all. I write to express myself, whether the topic is trivial or important, and different people have different tastes so I’ve learned never to take it personal. Have a wonderful day ahead!