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Falling with Miss Perfect

I read this blog of a friend. It’s a story sort of how she fell in love with a guy, that she said all started with a kiss 🙂 . While going through each line of her narration, I can’t help but admire the relationship and even commented about their love story. There are times I felt jealous towards the guy hehehe. I even told myself, “sana ako na lang yun guy” 🙂 . Despite the distance, nandun ang respect, trust, uninterrupted communication, and most of all avy yung faithfulness sa isa’t isa. Maybe these are the ingredients kaya until now they are happily in love with each other.

I asked myself after closing her blog, sabi ko when will I have that kind of woman? Asan ba sya? Where will I find her, or do I really need to look around para matagpuan ko sya? Many said, “kusa na lang darating yan, at the right time and place”. Sabi naman ng iba, “andyan lang sya sa tabi-tabi hindi mo lang siguro napapansin. Maybe you’re too busy with your daily routine whatever it is, that you don’t bother to make pansin to her” :). Ha ha! Ganun nga ba? Maybe yes, maybe no. Well, looking back there would have been some who seemed to be perfect. Pero bakit hindi nagprosper yung relationship? What went wrong?

People come and go. Some creates pleasure, laughter, unforgettable memories, samantalang yung iba naman, creates pain, tears, and for some, wounds that even when it heal would leave a scar that would remind us of their being part of our lives at some point in time. For those lucky enough to have the love of their lives, congratulations! 🙂 Take care of it, make the most out of it, live happily each day with it. For those who have been wounded, it’s never the end of the world. “Life must go on”, sabi nga ng marami di ba. On a positive outlook, it’s their loss not yours 🙂 .

But why some people don’t settle for those who created laughter in their lives? Why does the search can’t just be over and settled for one? What is the right formula in order to create a perfect match? “Hey man, there’s no such thing as perfect. I believe it’s kinda state of mind, ego that created such standards. Look at her, isn’t she enough for ya? What are you looking for man? You’re not getting any younger, time for you to be happy, to love and beloved…” hahaha these are the words from an old American friend, concerned over my being loveless at  the moment 🙂 … I laugh whenever i remember a lady friend said “torpe ka naman pala eh, magaling ka lang sa profession u but torpe ka..” haha of course not. Ung isa sabi naman, ”…uggh ur weird…sya na nga lumapit sau..” com’n guys, it’s not that I’m such kinda man, I just don’t feel it okay, and i don’t want to use the situation for the sake of consolation.

For you Miss Right, where are you? Are you near me or yet to be found 🙂 … No, seriously maybe she’s just around the corner, nearby. But I wanna make sure that the feeling is mutual, sincere enough, and can pledge to stand the test of time, regardless of distance, even against all odds, together as one, for the rest of our lives.

Miss Right? Miss Perfect? Yeah there is such kind of thing; I do believe in that. It’s the moment when you feel that just by being with her fills up all the incompleteness and the imperfections within you. It’s the moment that you don’t have to worry about being penniless, uncombed hair, worn out shirts, etc… It’s just the moment when you realize and feel that you’ve got the priceless gems in this world – she and her love.

So whenever that time comes we both feel that way, I wouldn’t have the second thought of taking her with me, for life… 😉

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About sirronn

I'm not a writer nor a blogger per se. I deal with numbers in real life...The write ups are mere products of my thoughts, opinions and, at times, inspiration that tickles my consciousness... :)
  • 🙂 everything is beautiful in God’s time

  • Marc

    it’s the love that makes the imperfections perfect 🙂

  • desay29

    hi!sweet naman..that’s right sirronn..share ko lang ang nabasa kong phrase sa isang forwarded mail, sabi..”Kung nahihirapan kang Maghintay ng Tamang Tao para sayo, mas mahirap naman Magsisi ng dahil lang sa Kamamadali mo.”..sounds cruel pero may point sya!hehe..True love can wait daw kaya kung may mga panahon na medyo lungkut-lungkutan tau dahil nga super singlesss pa, aba!wait lang daw kc alam na ni Lord un, alam Nya kung sino ang Mr./ Ms. Right or kung sino si GG (God’s gift) pero kailangan matuto tayong maghintay and while waiting we must pray for that person.chos!hehe..nice one sirronn!God Bless!

    • sirronn

      @desay29: tama ka…agree ako jan..thank you for reading & sharing that line….only God knows 🙂 cheers!

  • leona grace

    hi sirron. natutuwa ako sa mga lalakeng katulad mo na expressive sa feelings nila. for me you are braver than other pa-macho men who pretend to be tough pero tough din sa girls. u know what? girls also feel the same way. they also dream of that one great person who can accept them wholeheartedly, in unkempt hair and oily face when they wake up each morning. di lang ikaw ang naghahanap or naghihintay or nagtatanong. marami tayo. sabi nga nila, to need and love someone and have someone loved you is not a sign of weakness, it’s human nature. kaya normal lang na from time to time, hahanapin natin ang feeling na may magpapahalaga at magmamahal satin, at makakapansin ng mga mumunting bagay na unique satin pero di nakikita ng iba. hay. i’m secretly praying for Mr. Right too. pero siguro nga, bago dumating si Mr. or Ms. Right, we must be right for ourselves first. and then the right time and the right place and the right situation will come, hopefully. malalaman natin pag yun na yun siguro if you are already start to take the risks, without you knowing, because deep in your heart, you’ll know it’s worth risking and fighting for. God bless you on your endeavors. Hope you find her and she finds you soon 🙂

    • sirronn

      hello..salamat sa pag-appreciate && for the “compliment” 🙂 i agree to all you’ve said, masarap damhin & worth risking & fighting for ung taong totoong nagmamahal at tumatanggap satin for what we are & what we are not…good luck sa “search”…hope you find your Mr. Right soon 🙂 God bless you too…

  • cess

    I use to say those lines before. Tapos narealize ko, baka naman nalulungkot lang ako kaya may pressure na mahanap si mr. right. Eto lang ang sigurado, mahalin mo muna ang sarili mo para pag andyan na sya, buong buo ka na…Busy lang si God sa pagcreate ng perfect love story para sayo. 🙂

    • sirronn

      Nice share cess:-) thanks for reading…

  • sirronn

    sa lahat po ng mga nagcomment sa facebook: thanks a lot for reading, liking and sharing your thoughts…more power to DF blog 🙂 God bless…

  • ecg
    • sirronn

      nice blog 🙂

  • paige0126

    cool!! hehe! nakakatuwa yung sinabi ninyo na-“i don’t want to use the situation for the sake of consolation.”
    i just think it’s right.. 🙂
    you’ll meet her, and don’t ever let her go when you do, para walang regrets.. 😀

    • sirronn

      thanks paige0126…yup, that should be the case 🙂 .. God bless..

  • barbie anne

    @sirron: what if the guy thought his MS PERFECT is already married and very much in love with her husband & her family that this woman feels nothing for him other than being a friend? the guy misinterpreted her being friendly that caused her to reject him. inspite of that, the guy has a delusion that this woman will fall for him though in reality, that will never happen that she will choose this guy over her beloved husband & her adorable kids over him. that will only be an illusion because she has a loving, understanding, responsible husband, not to add that he’s a good man. in short she’s HAPPILY MARRIED. is it more hurtful to be rejected the second time? i think she will always be a reminder of a battle never won. can she still be his MS RIGHT?

    • aloha

      ay pag Married na po ibang usapan na cguro yun kasi we’re on Single situation lang po. Kung married na ay hindi na pwede yun, someone is BETTER out there! 🙂 wag na tayong manggulo sa maayos na buhay, hehe..cheers!

    • sirronn

      @barbie anne: she can’t be Miss Right of that guy coz she’s already the Ms Right of her husband..dapat po walang moral impediment.. ms. aloha is right..

      thanks for reading 🙂 God bless.

  • charing

    Baka kailangan mo lang buksan ang puso at mata mo para maramdaman at makita mo ang Miss Right mo:)
    Malay mo andyan lang sya sa tabi mo di mo lang nalaman:)
    Yong iba kasi sa sobrang busy sa ibang bagay hindi na napansin ang Miss or Mr. right nila. Isang araw nagising nalang ay sya pala yon bakit ko pinakawalan? Goodluck

    • sirronn

      sometimes it happens…di lang talga natin namamalayan 🙂 thanks the comment charing 🙂 God bless.

    • sirronn

      sometimes it happens…di lang talaga natin namamalayan 🙂 thanks for the comment charing 🙂 God bless.

  • emotional nman pero the fact ang layo mging totoooooo…

    • sirronn

      maybe yes, maybe no 🙂

  • nice 🙂

    • sirronn

      thanks for reading this blog 🙂

  • jen

    That is so sweet of you…Just keep on praying, God will give you the right girl at the right time…Maybe he is just preparing her for you…Goodluck 🙂

    • sirronn

      thanks for the compliment jen 🙂 have a good one…

  • Ofelia

    it’s nice to read… maybe it’s me you’re looking for hahahaha because i am looking also for my mr perfect…is it match in heaven? lol. keep on blogging

    • sirronn

      good luck for your search @ofelia 🙂 hope you find your match in God’s will…thanks for liking this blog..yup, more blogs to come 🙂 God bless..

  • sweet 😉

    • sirronn

      thanks 🙂

  • chey

    same situation.. but for sure! ms right and mr right for me is just somewhere.. heheh it might not be a fairytale story but it’s the best story God will write for each one of us.. hehehe

    • sirronn

      agree 🙂 thanks…

  • Hazel

    Nice blog:) pray for that right person, God is just preparing her or maybe you so it’ll be perfect. Just like the story that you read, im in a long distance relationship but iguess keeping the love alive is the big factor to keep it last.

    • sirronn

      @hazel thanks 🙂 i agree, keeping the love alive no matter what it takes must be the COMMON goal…cheers 🙂

  • aloha

    nakakakilig naman.. =) sweet pa, hmm.. hope someday i’ll find the right one too 🙂 in God’s destined time 🙂

    • sirronn

      @aloha thanks…in God’s time, you will 🙂 keep praying…

  • i like this…

    • sirronn

      thanks for liking 🙂

  • sarap nito bashin :))

    • sirronn

      glad nagustuhan mo yumi 🙂 thanks…