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OO, Mataba Ako!

About scdopulencia

A Batanguena lass who wants to make the world happy.

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I have decided to change my lifestyle recently not to avoid these offensive comments, but more to make myself happy. I realized that I owe myself a good pampering, better health options, and brighter aura. When I look at myself in the mirror now, I do not mind the extra inches here or there. What I do mind is how I take care of myself, how I take care of the people around me, and if people liked me not just for how I look but with how I treat them. Beauty is, indeed, in the eyes of the beholder, and that true beauty is what other people see inside you.

So if you notice someone gaining some weight, please take the time to know how they are and what they’re up to, because that will be the best beauty regimen that they will need in their life.#

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  • reckless

    mataba ka?.. the hell they care

  • galo

    don’t worry, Be happy.

  • Gelo

    ….as i have read in a certain post…
    Fat is the new Sexy…. 😉

  • spongey

    it is not the size that probably people only consider when commenting regarding your current condition but actually the fear of the health effects brought upon by being obese. try to watch the biggest loser which was recently introduced in pinas, and you will be inspired to get slimmer and healthier.

  • Marie Roxanne Quintong

    very well said. Thank you for having the courage for telling the world how fabulous we Voluptuous women are!

  • rov

    thnks sau,,nlevel up ang confidence ko,,,