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On Being a Full-time Nanay Abroad


i'm just a mom who wants to read and write...writing has been a part of me, just like completes my life aside from my family. Reading and Writing blogs are just few of the things I've been doing when I'm not busy with my kids :)

It’s been five years since I left my work in Pinas in order for me, my husband and my kids to be together. To be far from my kids’ dad is not easy so I decided to give up my work and even leave my father back home. I need to complete my own family . . . my kids need to see their dad everyday…play with him…study with him…bond with him…grow with him – the main reasons why I need to stay in the place where I  can’t just do the things I’ve been used to. Ya, not easy…SACRIFICE is the word. Though, I could say…it’s worth it.

It was an emotional struggle for me back then. When I first arrived in Middle East, I thought t’was a dream come true. Maybe in a sense because we are all together…my hubby, kids and me. But that also meant giving up what I want for myself. Being a full time mom here is different. As a Pinay Mom…I would say, it’s more fun in Pinas…nothing compares because there’s no place like home. I’ve been missing home badly. I am missing the things I used to do independently…work, decide and earn for myself. I missed working in both school and office. Though being a full time mom is already having an unretirable work, still it’s different.  I would say, staying at home as a mom is difficult than staying in the office to work for eight hours. Much more in a different country. But gaining for myself is another story ^_^. Though contented of my family, I just can’t help but long for my family back home especially my tatay. I couldn’t just complete the happiness I should have for myself. But I have no choice but to live the life that God has given to me. . . and the one that I have chosen. Being a full-time mom is one of the highest paying jobs I know… since the payment is pure love….but sometimes, I get bored holding a vacuum cleaner and washing white socks. Just sometimes ^_^. . . how I wish to go back to work 🙂

Being a mom here requires 100% patience and  understanding. It’s difficult because being in Inday mode everyday is no joke. But thank goodness for the internet, I still can afford to write and read blogs after the inday session or before hitting the bed.I am thankful in a sense that through the net, I still find myself ALIVE. I still can afford to watch my Grey’s Anatomy and other TV series faves, scan new books of Mitch Albom, Paulo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks, watch videos of my fave  artists in You Tube, especially the string covers of Tyler Ward and Boyce Avenue. I can still update myself about education, new trends, new movies, new menu to try, surf for my kids’ homeworks, watch Budoy and other shows back home from ABS, TV5, GMA7, ANC, Solar Entertainment and of course FB-ing. Thank you internet  because I can still communicate with long lost friends and batchmates through FB, YM, Skype. I am thankful  that through internet, me and my kids are still able to talk and see tatay.  Though a hug can’t just be done, but at least he can hear my kids’ laughter and see them grow somehow. I just coudln’t imagine life in the Middle East without the internet. Without it, life will be totally boring, minds and emotions somehow will be partly paralyzed. It’s not that net is the priority…nope! Family matters much and FIRST….but can’t just deny as a mom far from Pinas, I really need the NET ^_^.

So,  Internet. . . thank you…macbook, android, iphones, BBerry, ipad and guitars…thank you for  completing my stay as a full time mom in the Mid East 🙂

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  • Dovie

    Hi mare! was able to read this just now…sorry po!its all because of being the Inday mode he he!but its really worth it being a full time mom & wife… all of it was really true & correct,the same as what I am dealing with for the past 11 months since me & my family left.I missed my job ,my friends back there,because it is where I started to build my family & our life…really Thankful to d internet coz we really need it….Though we never had time to chat,FB is one way to remind me of all my friends & the good times that I had back there… This was really inspiring & it helps me to have more courage & patience to wait for whatever lies ahead…Thanks!

  • Leilani0731

    I love your article. It’s written from the heart and almost all moms, even those who are working and not abroad can relate… because we all love doing big and small sacrifices for our family 🙂

  • joyabee

    From a one who personally knew the author, I know its a big sacrifice for her to give up “independence” when they left general santos city. But looking at how fulfilled you’ve become seeing your kids grow, and being with them personally every step of their journey, I know u’ve never regretted ur decision. =) Ds one is reli a nice one, cye. Keep on writing and inspiring all mothers out ther.

  • Outstanding post. You hit the very heart of a Pinay stay-at-home mom abroad. We should all be the first cheerleaders of our hardwork as parents. The Internet definitely helps bridge the thousand miles distance from our other ‘family’ back home. Keep on writing, you have a gift with words. I look forward to more of your articles.


      tnx mornign artist…just get back in writing blog ( got busy with my kiddos ), was just bored one day and happened to see DF blog page so i tried 🙂

  • sportylorrie

    I really admire your courage for making that decision. I am also a Filipino living abroad and I know how hard it is. I agree that the Internet really helps alot in keeping in touch with family and friends and with finding out what else is happening in the Phils. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope you continue to have strength.


      thank you also for reading this 🙂

  • Nakarelate ako. 🙂 Being a mom in different country is really hard, but it’s pretty exciting. Pero mas mahirap maging working mom pag nasa abroad ka… lalo pa kung wala matino mag aalaga ng anak mo, (talking about the locals) mahirap ipagkatiwala ng basta basta. May mga bagay na dapat mo bilhin para sa pamilya mo na hindi available sa bansa kung asan ka man, lalo na ang mga gamot. Konting tyaga lang, atleast buo pamilya mo dba? 🙂


      Ya..right that’s why i stopped working also..i tried working here for a year but wawa kids talaga especially graders pa…thank you for reading 🙂