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I am the eldest daughter of my mom and dad who were separated 6 years ago. I am (obviously) from a broken home . I want to become a dentist, but then I graduated with BS in Agricultural Economics from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños. I am working as a contractual employee of the DA-National Agricultural and Fishery Council and currently taking a Master's Degree in Environment and Natural Resources Management in UP Open University. I am not rich. But I am not really poor either. I am shy. I am opinionated. I am humble. I am proud. I am not a professional writer, but I have been writing and sharing my own stories at an early age of 5. I am a blogger and you can find my random thoughts posted here or at or at or hidden in my notes at This is me. I am Nei. Forex Trade Process

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The thousands of people coming from all walks of life — politicians, businessmen, media people, private and public office workers, students, youth…everyone who were making the “Laban” sign. Even the priests and nuns marched out of the churches to join the thousands, and even initiated some of the activities to persuade the military men to join their group, and turn their backs on the evil that the government has become. Everyone was determined to put an end to the said piling cases of unjust killings, corruption, and crooked leadership of the late Ferdinand Marcos. Everyone was willing to risk their lives just to justify the death of one brave man who chose to stand and fight for the oppressed rights of the Filipino people.

It was the day when the masses who stands for and against the Marcos Government, the war between yellow and red, democracy and the many years of dictatorship, EDSA People Power Revolution and the Martial Law, Aquino and Marcos supporters finally approached its fatal end.

Apart from all of the heroic deeds, martyrdom, sacrifices, and many other things that were done in the past, I am not happy (and not proud either) to say that I know nothing else about the People Power Revolution. Twenty six years has fleetingly passed. There had been EDSA II (and some were claiming EDSA III too). But where are we now? Are we now a nation of freed people? Are we now lavishly enjoying the fruits that we reaped from the two EDSA revolutions? Or the nation and its new breed of youths (just like I do) can no longer identify with the said events. Are we becoming so forgetful that we no longer respect the lives that were sacrificed just to make it happen?

In the middle of the commemoration and activities held in celebration of the EDSA People Power Revolution, I do wonder why the broadsheets, radio stations and TV stations are flooded with the same old faces during the National and Local Elections. I wonder why they keep on airing the same old political problems again and again everyday involving the crooked leaders who bear the same old family names (in some cases from the same old blood lines too). And I wonder why despite all the evidences against them and amidst all that the country has been through, we, the people kept on patronizing them and giving them seats for them to falsely serve and matter-of-factly stole from us? Is the celebration that we held today is just plainly that…a celebration with no importance at all?

Have we not learned? Or are we just too hopeful (and confident) that whenever the situation asks for it, we can still swarm the streets, wave our tiny yellow flags and ribbons, wear our yellow shirts, gather together and ask whoever the evil leader is, to step down and give us back our snatched rights? Are there still rooms for the succeeding EDSA revolutions, or will it just become one of the ordinary and usual rallying to be held so frequently on the streets that will make it loose its true worth? Will the EDSA commemoration would always be a carnival where the traditional politicians will take their turns to perform and persuade the masses of their propaganda?

I am hoping not.

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  • ali gar

    Ang ninanais nating pagbabago sa ating bansa ay tila nanatili at buhay lamang sa slogans, streamers at sa EDSA. Kung magwawagi ang pakikipaglaban ni P-Noy ngayon sa mga tiwaling tao sa pamahalaan, ang ating ipanaglaban o ipinagsigawan sa EDSA I ay magkakaroon ng buhay.