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“Being Choosy”: An Advantage

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  • Jei

    i couldn’t agree more! what’s wrong with being choosy anyway…

  • Krissy

    Agree na maging choosy…but I am also a liberal person.Abstinence would be a common choice for a lot of people but as for me okay lang yung mga taong nag engaged into pre marital sex as long as responsible ka. Safe sex ika nga. The author is right na once you got pregnant ibang usapan na pag may batang involve.
    Sa panahon ngayon choosy but not to the extend of depriving yourself into being human and having sexual intercourse is just a part of being human, just “again” be responsible.

    • clairetim

      Well i’m not against with PM either..i’m open to it, for that is one of the basic need of human beings..yet sex must not be done just for lust and fun..and u r correct for evrthing we’re doing, being responsible is a must and be ready for the consequences thereafter..not enganged in doin’ it for now anyway..=)

  • euniko

    true!though wala pa akong asawa or boyfriend!but indeed!most of the women nowadays will marry a guy because there’s a child involved..but it’s ok to give in especially if you love the person..just be safe…SUPER SAFE

    • clairetim

      true..and the super safe method is ABSTINENCE..AGREE MUCH..
      i had a guy friend who is so much babaero but i admired him when he told me this “don’t give it to anyone and never be pregnant before marriage”..