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Don’t be so Malandi!(Flirtatious)

About msjessae

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Xtb Binary Option Brokers With Builder (This has got to be one of the most problematic topic in a relationship between two people.)

888 Binary Options Signal Robot A single comment can start a fight… and if you don’t think about how you “compliment” a person in a relationship then you might just be causing a conflict (intentionally or not). I don’t care if you’re single, even worse if you’re with someone, but you don’t have the right to cause two happy couple problems. It doesn’t matter if you’re an “honest” person, you need to be careful. Say the words: cool, nice, awesome instead of sexy, hot, handsome, beautiful, good lookin or just don’t say anything at all. This can start what you call “infidelity” in marriage.

It doesn’t matter if the couple trust each other… one can trust his/her significant other, but flirts are the termites of trust. example: you can trust your boyfriend but you do not necessarily trust random strangers going near your bf do you??

I cannot put into words to explain to you that physical flirtation can make you get hurt. A lot.
No matter how “friendly” you are or how innocent your intension is. Keep your hands to yourself. A friendly hug is a friendly hug, but a touching/overly-caressful hug is just not proper (if your hands are staying contact for a longer time than you should be, then something is wrong with you). It shouldn’t matter if you’re alone or not. Another thing: don’t touch other people “just because.” Your hands can be kept to yourself.
Don’t push yourself closer to a person. Remember that lust exists (like you didn’t know already). A flirtatious action can lead to things you may regret.

Whatever you do to that person or those people, think about the same situation and someone else (not your parents) doing the same thing to your dad or your mom. How would you feel? How your mom feel? Or your dad?

Remember that your eyes are the windows to your heart, even if you don’t touch or speak flirtatious comments, don’t let your heart be corrupted by lust. Just looking at another woman can cause you more than just curiousity. You might just not be able to resist next time, or looking may just not be enough. Be considerate and do to others as you would like to be done unto you. Don’t fall for the things that may look good because something looks like it’s on sale for a good price…doesn’t mean it’s worth buying.

If they fall for flirtatious (seductive/sexual) traps… they were probably all after your body and not your heart. No it’s not love but infatuation.
Control yourself…before it controls you. Watch out, because it might drive you to the last place you would ever want to go
“Temporary pleasure can cause long term pain.”

Yours truly & Definitely Filipina
Jessa Esmeralda

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  • michelle

    hindi masamang lumandi basta”SINGLE”, ang masama eh ung may karelasyon ka na o kung may asawa na…Mas masarap sa pakiramdam ng walang natatapakang tao o nasasaktan…

  • april

    ..flirts or being coquette i think isn’t a big problem at all…
    eheeehheheh.. wag lng subukan ng lantaran teh!!!.. ehhhehhehe 🙂
    ,, admiring someone is good at least we know to appreciate God’s beautiful creations right???.., problema lng if ung girl eh prang Hooker n s landi,,

  • Prancer

    Flirtatious act between consenting adults is just exciting as it is and I personally don’t believe on the statement that “temporary pleasure cause long-term pain” as long as you’re in good mind and know the limitations where you able to control your emotion and the partner’s feeling. If somebody feels it’s too much to handle that can cause havoc or chaos to one’s relationship/marriage, it’s time to go slow or cease the emotional aspect. Get over it. It’s just how to maintain sanity without compromising pleasure with another. Of course, one has to do it in utmost confidentiality. Don’t think its cheating, just keep in mind it’s just the way it is. Life is short, have an affair!

  • dianne

    This is the kind of mentality that makes ones partner cheat on them.

  • jea

    totoo ba ung cnabi mong “temporary pleasure can cause long term pain?” lahat nman ng babae may tinatagong kalandian,mga ipokrita lng ang mga denial jan hehe

    • charing

      Talaga lahat ng babae may tinagong kalandian? atleast tinatago at kinontrol hindi yong lantarang landi heheh. Siguro maniwala ka nalang kapag maransan mo nayon.

  • ms x

    you sound so bitter.

    • aha

      yeap. the OP seems so bitter. now, i don’t really care about flirts, but what she described, um, are those really qualified characteristics of a flirt? how does she define flirting anyway?

      learn to trust your partner sweetheart, and learn to be more confident about yourself.

      • ayumi hamasaki

        Yep!You’re right there…bitter,insecure,and no trust!