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When to say ‘I CANNOT’ or ‘I QUIT’?

About Charlie Dela Cruz

Mr. Charlie R. Dela Cruz is 21-years old Registered Nurse and a High School Science Teacher who loves writing based on his idealistic views and from his own observations in life. To know more about him you can SUBSCRIBE him at, or you may FOLLOW him on twitter, .. Thank you and God Bless! Stay inspired! Advisers Of Forex Profit Collector To Download

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But WHEN can you say it is time to QUIT or YOU CAN’T DO IT? Is it before doing the things you want to do but you think is impossible, OR after actually doing it and failing to accomplish it?… I won’t answer this for you but YOU WILL REALIZE IT!

Peng Shulin, a Chinese man, met a tragic accident and his body was cut in half by a large transport truck in 1995. It took a team of more than 20 doctors working feverishly to save his life. Skin was grafted from his head to close his torso up, but his lower body could not be saved — leaving him to ‘stand’ a full 2 feet 6 inches (78 centimeters) in height.

After being bedridden for years, doctors in China didn’t have very much hope that he would ever be able to lead any form of a normal life again.

If the doctors in China didn’t have very much hope that Peng Shulin would ever be able to lead any form of normal life again, HOW MUCH MORE HOPELESSNESS DO YOU THINK DID PENG SHULIN HAD for himself?

These photos will need no explanation:

  • If you were him, will you QUIT?
  • If you were him, will you be HOPELESS?
  • If you were him, will you feel ISOLATED?

An endurance of HOPE.


A triumph of human spirit

Even though he failed in early attempts, he did not stop; he continued. Failure is just a requirement to SUCCESS, so don’t feel hopeless when it comes to facing difficulties in life.

As I look at the photos above, I can say  it’s a matter of optimism, because OPTIMISM is not just the way you think, but how you get up after a fall, and never quit after you fail.

Life is a journey, and full of situations where you cannot know what will happen and when things will happen. Everything happens for a reason. Everything in this world has its beginning and also its end. It’s only up to you how you manage it and how will you adapt. This man proved that HOPE is the most miraculous weapon we have. He never thought of it as a problem, and in doing so he became the way and inspiration for many people to realize that even when the worst thing happens to you in life, that you NEVER LOSE HOPE, NEVER QUIT, AND NEVER COMPLAIN. As I have said, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

If you would ask, what is the reason why this happened to him? I would definitely say that because he would  become an INSPIRATION and HOPE not just to other people like him who are amputated/disabled, but to all of the people who feel EMPTINESS and HOPELESSNESS.

Reflect on this: We always tend to complain about simple problems we face during our lives and we easily lose hope and quit. Do you think you have the worst problems in this world? Money? Love? Loneliness? Disability? Is that so? Do not complain, but rather BE INSPIRED! You have the strength to face all of it more than him, so why QUIT? You only need the courage and hope TO MAKE IT! You have all the answers to your problems, all you need to do is to REALIZE IT and BE THE GREATEST INSPIRATION TO YOURSELF!

A smile says it all.


HE never said he CANNOT.


Never quit after failure.

Peng Shulin has now opened his own bargain supermarket, called the Half Man-Half Price Store.

The inspirational 37-year-old has become a businessman and is now a role model for other amputees.



Never Complain about everything, rather LET IT BE AN INSPIRATION TO YOU!

After reading this, You shouldn’t say ” I QUIT or I CANNOT!”

  • G

    Hi! This is really a great and inspiring story. It brought me to tears as I remembered the seasons of my life too.

    Hindi madali ang dumanas ng kung anou-anong kahirapan, physical man or family problems or financial na issues… whew!

    One of the blogs that have inspired me during the lowest times of my life is this: … Really, really brilliant content; short lang pero tagos sa puso. Subukan n’yong basahin, guys!

    Thanks again for this great story!

  • Very touching. Ego boosting.thank you for this article

  • Dan

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo. very hopeful man. I should always thank God for always keeping me in safe!

  • Hannah Kane

    f the doctors in China didn’t have very much hope that Peng Shulin would ever be able to lead any form of normal life again, HOW MUCH MORE HOPELESSNESS DO YOU THINK DID PENG SHULIN HAD for himself?
    – i like this very much 🙂

    • Chris Tribo

      i like that too. napaisip nga ako jan e. hope really matters 🙂

      • Hannah Kane

        thumbs up! its not just the way you think, but how you get up after a fall, and never quit after you fail.

  • Chris Tribo

    persons with such attitude should be considered hero 🙂

    • Hannah Kane

      yearight. hindi man sya sumagip ng buhay, nagbigay naman sya ng inspirasyon sa marami :DD

      • Chris Tribo

        i like that :DD he really has high self-concept 🙂

  • Hannah Kane

    haha! yearight! world’s strongest man hehe :))

    • Chris Tribo

      yup. anong sabi nung mga lalaking may muscles sakanya 😀

      • Chris Tribo

        tama hehe. . he really love his self and his family so he never give up or quit.

        • Hannah Kane

          i had a new inspiration ^^ i wanna met that man :DD

          • Chris Tribo

            have you watched the video? it’s very sad 🙁

            • Hannah Kane

              yah! nainis ako dun sa mga tao hindi man lang sya tulungan.

              • Chris Tribo

                korek. pero malay mo naman inaantay lang yung ambulance 🙂

            • pen

              the guy in the video wasnt Peng shulin. The guy was a vietnamese and he died on the way to the hospital

      • Ponchera

        Mabuti pa nga ang mga kapansanan nag sisikap na mahanap ang paraan to live independently na hindi umaasa. Hindi katulad nang mga taong kumpleto pero pasakit sa mga magulang. YOu can say Stop!Pag alam mong mga mararating mo ang gusto.

  • Chris Tribo

    He’s a one of a kind man. Dapat ilagay sa guinnness world book of records haha! 😀

  • Hannah Kane

    me too. . if i’m that man i think i would give up.

  • Chris Tribo

    i would like to be as strong as that man, no matter how tragic happens to his life, he’s still strong. He’s very ispiring. 🙂

  • mafhie

    –I CANNOT !

  • markjoseph_quirante

    How inspiring that man:)

  • Your blog is one of a good example of inspiration. I always complain about my life, I asked for more and not being contented of what I already have, after reading your blog I realized how blessed I am. Instead of complaining about life I should be thankful. My life is much better compared to this man. He is such an inspiration!

  • Pablo

    I admire the Vietnamese. Just not long ago they were devastated by a savage war but look at them now. Already has surpassed the Philippines in a lot of matters – economy growth, culture, sports, politics and government to say the least.

    • galo

      never loose Hope!

      • markjoseph_quirante

        There will be always hope… para s country naten…
        just like the man that believes he can walk again..:)

  • galing nya..kbilib tlg..