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Pinoy Drug Mule’s Execution: A Wake-Up Call

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The Pinoy drug mule was working for the Manila branch of an African drug syndicate, which will continue its recruitment as long as there are gullible, and uneducated Filipinos that are willing to be trapped on their snares. Our government, through PDEA, NBI and the PNP, should employ all means to fight this drug syndicates and put our country under maximum security. We have to take action now before our country become known worldwide as the center of drug syndicate recruits. Poverty is the main catalyst why some Filipinos are forced to take the easier way out so the government and its concerned departments should find more ways to provide decent jobs and business opportunities. This battle should start as soon as possible before another Filipino is put on the death row.

This is not the best time to blame one another but a time for each of us to reflect on how we can be of help for our country and for our countrymen under the chains of poverty. We have a long way to go but let’s hope that this death of a fellow Filipino will be one of the final wake-up calls for us to move forward and hope for a better Philippines.

  • @Caridad, do they deserve to die by committing the crime that they’re accused of? The answer is absolutely. Kung gusto nilang gumawa ng isang krimen na hidi kamatayan ang kabayaran, huwag na silang lumabas ng bansa dahil sa Pilipinas , RETARDED ang batas at mismong mga politikong gumagawa at dapat nag papa tupad ng batas, ay sila mismo ang lumalabag. You may call China as bully but that doesn’t mean, you can go there and make a mockery out of their law dahil pinapatupad lang nila yung batas nila.

  • lorena niocina

    dapat ipatupad na ang death penalty sa pinas,para ung gma nahuhuli na mga chinese at mga ibang nationalities ay mabitay din..kaya naman kasi walang sumeseryoso sa batas natin dahil ang bilis bayaran ng government natin.. pati immigration natin nanghihingi na ng pera kahit alam na tourist talaga ang pupuntahan,hahanapan ng kung ano2 ang ending pala PERA ang gusto… ANG BATAS NG PILIPINAS,PERA…. pag may pera ka lusot ka.. tsk tsk tsk

  • its sad.. I’m a teacher here in China and it pains me to know that another Filipino has been executed… and it’s also getting harder for us as well… they are being strict especially with Visas… I wish that we make wise decisions… here in china.. the salaries are not that high but i know i’m earning in a decent way.

  • pang-ilang wake up call na kaya to? ang batas ng china ay malupit. same with singapore and countries in the middle east. wala na tayong magagawa dun. move on. next!

  • Wow… ang lulupit naman ng words ng iba. Yeah…there’s no denying that they’d commit a crime but do they deserved to die because of it?There’s a life in prisonment w/o parole only this a real proof that China is really a very very very & no.1 BULLY country, just hope it’s citizen wouldn’t commit any crime to other countries.China almost bullied all it’s neighboring countries.

    • Steven Macon

      You naive Pinoys need to shut up and wake up! Look…in my opinion, which I am sure will be attacked…the Philippines needs to institute the death penalty here in the Philippines for many crimes committed here. Now..if you are a Pinoy, American, Australian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, or whatever…when you travel to a foreign land, like China, you are under THEIR LAWS, not the laws of your home country! Grow up, for pete’s sake! You think I agree with or like all the laws of the Philippines where I have lived for almost 3 years now? No, of course not…however..I respect and OBEY those laws to keep from getting in trouble. The Pinoy who was recently executed in China got what he deserved. He was no innocent victim of Chinese justice. No, he was a professional DRUG MULE! I despise illegal drugs and those who use, sell and transport them. Therefore, my opinion of our dead Pinoy friend is…he was lower than the dried chewing gum on the bottom of my tennis shoes! He deserved to suffer the full effect of Chinese law. He knew the risks, the penalties and the danger of transporting drugs..and of all places…in CHINA? Good grief. He deserved to be executed just for gross ignorance, if nothing else. China has what…a BILLION or so people living there? They cannot afford to be lax on criminals no matter what their nationality. If they started giving all the criminals a break… can see that law and order would break down fairly fast in an overpopulated country like China. Here’s the moral of the story…I think Nancy Reagan said it best….”JUST SAY NO.” (to drugs)

      • yoshi

        well said. one has to suffer the consequences of one’s actions…especially if it is done with full knowledge and thorough deliberation. it’s just a sorry fate that POVERTY may have lead him to it but the MEANS does not justify the END. may this serve as a fitting lesson not only to Filipinos but to every one as well.

  • serves to be a lesson to anyone who wanted to get rich the easy way.

  • deserved to die.

  • because they want to earn money in an easy way….they must die….

  • Because the previous administration is crooked it made the whole nation look for greener pastures even if they have to bite the bullet!

  • Are you seriously posting this? These Filipinos committed a BIG crime! A SERIOUS crime! Should it happen here, would you even want their “souls to be saved”? NO. You’d want them persecuted! This is one whole piece of shit. I’m a Filipino, but they chose to sell drugs than work with honor. And you blame the government for not “saving them”, when these people chose to do wrong?!!!

    • Steven Macon

      Rikatrina, I am SOOO tired of some people…Filipinos…Americans…whatever nationality..always blaming someone else! Just stop. Take responsibility for your own actions, EVERYONE! Filipinos…I am very familar with the rotten government of the Philippines but even the government cannot be blamed for everything.

  • or should it be “Another” Wake Up Call?

  • Dapat yung mga drug lords na tsino na nahuhuli d2 satin bitayin din..

  • It’s better to catch them before they are caught in another country, in that way they don’t get a death penalty.

  • Alam nman nila na bitay ang parusa sa china ng drugs .. ginawa nya yan tangapin nya ang kaparusahan…. at yung sinsabi nila na dapat daw hindi na umattend ng opening si President sa Batangas … bakit ng dahil sa Pinoy na bibitayin dapat stop na ng president ang work nya .. alam ko na president sya pero kailangang ituloy ang trabaho … at narinig nyo ba na lumaban sya yung binitay .. alam nya na kasalanan nya yan….

  • WAKE UP CALL din YAN s mga nhuhuli ng mga pinoy n intsik n drug lord ang mga pinoy kc nkukuha s ilang milyon n offer kya fault din ng mga pinoy un.