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Noynoy Aquino vs Renato Corona and the issue of judicial independence

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Showing good manners, breeding, and dignity befitting his office, the chief justice was seen as impassive and silent even amid the charge of Aquino that it was the SC that violated the Constitution, and not he.

In a response read by Supreme Court administrator Jose Midas Marquez, the high tribunal described Aquino’s tirades as “disturbing,” saying:

“It is not at all unusual for the Executive Branch to disagree with the Judicial Branch.  But what is considerably unusual is for the Chief Executive to look down on the members of the Judiciary in public at a Justice Sector Coordinating Council session, and to their faces denounce the Court’s independent actions, as the Chief Justice sat speechless, motionless and expressionless because of the requirements of protocol,” he added.

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Approached by reporters right after hearing Aquino’s direct tirades against him, Corona dismissively said: “Magpapasko na, hayaan na natin.” A few days after being impeached by Aquino allies in the Congress, the calmness in Corona disappeared, saying: “I oppose this relentless persecution, intimidation and bullying. I oppose this dictatorship that President Benigno Simeon Aquino III is slowly establishing.” Another great political war is on.


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  • Jan

    renato corona… wag po kaung masyadong pahalata sa KASALANAN ninyo!! kinakarma na kau ngaun!!!

  • This article is hogwash… Judicial Independence should mean that the Courts are unbiased… You can only say now that the Supreme Court is “independent of Pnoy” — as practically all their decisions are against the current administration — but clearly it isn’t independent in the real sense of the word, especially when its members vote according to who appointed them…

  • @Emelita: ‘Yung hindi nangangamote (e.g. Quirino Grandstand hostage fiasco), ‘yung may genuine concern, visibility at sensitivity sa hinaing ng taumbayan (e.g. lethargic reaction sa pananalanta ng Bagyong Sendong), ‘yung talagang transparent (take note na hindi ini-endorse ni P-Noy ang pagpasa ng Freedom of Information Act).

    • violet


  • ano ba ang gawang maayos para sa yo???

  • opo natagpasan lahat at ang lumakilang ay yungpork barrel ni PNoy 101-B audit free for 2012 gaung sya itong walang ginagawang maaus

    • violet

      You said it right!

  • violet

    Hatred and vindictiveness is the reason Pnoy is acting that way. Unfortunately, because of the President’s hatred, he refused to see that the decisions of the SC even in Hacienda Luisita is made as a collegial body and Corona was not even a ponente on any of those decisions that he hate. He thinks the SC is just Corona. How about the three Justices that he appointed that voted against the Cojuangcos in Hacienda Luisita? Will he have them impeached too as his threat to the other justices-appointee of GMA? These Pnoy appointee-justices “must” not get the ire of the President…. or else!!!

  • bakit kelangan ipag diinan ang Budget cut? hindi lang naman judiciary ang natagpasan dba? pati Education…