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I’m 20…and an OFW

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And you know what? After 4 months of working I really wanted to go home already, I was willing to book a ticket as soon as my schedule (and my supervisor) allows me, but then I found out, I have to have this OEC, this OWWA thing, this PAG-IBIG thing.

I thought it would be as simple as just buying a ticket then you’re all set. You just need to wait for your flight then poof! you’re back in the PH, but I was wrong. I wonder why do we have to do this? I understand that it’s for the protection/help/guarantee/whatever that the government says for us OFW’s but then, is it fully utilized? do we   really benefit from this?  I just want to see my family, my friends, and relatives; do I really have to go through all of this? It’s not like I’m not going back to work, I just really need a break.

Oh well, I have no choice anyway, better to follow instructions than suffer the consequences later.

Do you think I’m still too young to comprehend?


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  • Zeke

    15 po ako, and 3 months na dito sa Kentucky. Masakit man mag dropout ng gitna ng school year, na mimiss yung classmates , yung buhay , yung simoy ng umaga pagigising, yung sigawan at biroan. Pero, within those 3 realize ko na may opportunity dito sa US. Gusto ko na kasing umuwi para bumalik sa dati, naiisip kong hindi..Muna. Kasi Kung uuwi ako, pareho lang ang nararanasan..pagtapos ng high school, wala na. On my own na ako mag desisyon anong gagawin. Sa tingin ko kasi mahirap makahanap ng trabaho sa pilipinas, meron din problema financially. Pero If I just put my head into it..maybe? Pero lady luck gave us an opportunity to become more than who we are. The only thing is getting there. As people say..WORK HARD, PLAY HARD.

  • khalil

    lucky yes! but please don’t always say we are lucky as OFWs so we should send all our money to those who are in need. yes, we are here abroad because of money to give our families a good life. when we say families, they are our immediate families and not our extended families like 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins and friends. We need to say NO to people who are always saying, YOU ARE LUCKY that you are working abroad. Because we earned it.

    We need to save for own future and leave something for ourselves. Luckily I have been in my present company for more than 2 yrs and got renewed for another 2 years and in order for me to see the fruits of my labor, i took a house and lot and it is 20-25 yrs to pay.I don’t know on how long will I stay here in my present company but surely I will make the most out of it.

  • rei

    well,what can i say…Im 20 and ever dreaming of getting somewhere where dreams do come true. you are lucky because you’ve got the spot!only few people are open to this kind of opportunity.Somehow, you need to face the struggles.Just pray and everything will be fine.Think positive,..=)

  • Norene Capri

    kaibigan ko 18 yrs old pa lang lumabas na ng bansa…
    50 yrs old na sya ngayon nasa labas ng bansa pa rin…
    half of her life,even more, she spent it away from home…
    Kaya nyo yun? Straight walang uwian…

  • Margie

    Im 22 when I came in europe ur not too young. You need to be mature and realize how lucky you are. Malapit na ag mag two years dito even though malungkot na malayo sa family mas marami pa ring good effect na ofw kah

  • James O’Connor

    I, too, was only 20 years old when I joined the US Navy and was assigned to Okinanwa, Japan. I was homesick but I think the experience helped me grow up and become the responsible person I am now almost 40 years later. In fact, I consider myself lucky because I have traveled and experienced many things most people my age have never had the good fortune to do including meeting my wife in the Phillipines. When I look back on my life, there are many fond memories. Of course, there where times when I was “out of my comfort zone”, but that’s what makes life interesting.

    • Ani

      To James:
      My husband joined the navy after HighSchool, he is 43 mow but just met me more than 3 years ago..often times he always tell me, if only he knew that he would met me?he should visited Philippines when he was at the navy.I met him while I was teaching in NY City.We are happily married!

  • mhaye

    mas maigi yung mas bata p..make worth of 8..mhirap dn buhay s k muna,pra when time comes that u’r ready to have ur own family stable k n, u don’t need 2 go abroad pngsupport s higit s lhat d u n ned png iwanan magiging mga anak mo..pero kung saan k masaya dapat doon k..

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  • joyce

    i was 22 when i got here… ^^ and now, all classmates are asking me for gifts and everything… akala nila, santa claus tayo…

  • jemdev

    reading this blog makes my heart and mind fixed, now i dont feel alone working in a young age

  • pinkee

    “…and the rest are the ones who are still at the starting line despite of the number of years they’ve spent working overseas…”

    these two lines struck me the most. yes. u are right…but for reasons i couldn’t really understand is how i am stuck here at the starting line amidst the fact of my long years as an OFW…

    perhaps am just unlucky to have been employed with a low salary but no…others are even lower than mine… probably i just don’t know how to manage my income…but then again no… i send to my mom, my sister (so she can take care of my mom) and my son, and some needy relatives, and some needy friends and some…the list can go on. but i just can’t say no. that’s my problem.

    so anyway…as to your question…you are lucky to have found a work at a very young age. MAKE THE MOST OF IT. SO MANY BACK HOME ARE NOT JUST LUCKY ENOUGH EVEN WITH THE COLLEGE DEGREES THAT THEY GOT.

    and don’t forget: DO NOT BE LIKE ME. MY FRIENDS WOULD TELL ME TO LEARN TO SAY “NO”. i think i have to pass it on to you. LEARN TO SAY “NO” TOO. and think of yourself. you will not be forever young…just like me. though in spite of this am happy…not everyone will.

    in God’s mercy…

    May Allah bless you!!!

  • Emmanuel

    the title of ur bLog has caught me (reaLLy) and i was smiLing reading the whoLe thingy :).

    i was a year oLder than u though when i first work overseas for simiLar reasons (young, single, ideaListic etc..) i think, in my opinion, most (if not all) of OFW’s had gone through similar “stage of adjustment” (esp when homesickness strikes) that we think of saving enough money before quitting and put up business in our homeland instead.

    it’s a good thing when u start young..! but the real challenge there is on how u manage ur finances as years pass by..some became successful..some still striving to succeed..and the rest are the ones who are still at the starting line despite of the number of years they’ve spent working overseas..hahahah..

  • huchie

    im 22 when i became ofw.. 🙂

  • radraff

    im 19

  • Simply Amazing

    On my age 21, naging OFW na din ako. And ung first time kong umwe ng PINAs when my father die, wala akong ideya about OEC at nalaman ko n lang un aksidenteng may nakausap akong kabayan sa eroplano so sa PINAS n ako kumuha ng OEC at note…. hirap kmuha hehehe at ang mahal pa…..
    Now I am turning 2 years dito sa gitnang silangan,,.. I can say I am strong enough why??? because nakipagsapalran ako without any relatives here.. I mean ang nag visa skin ay hindi ko pa rin kilala.. God is good kase hindi niya ako pinababayaan behind of being alone….. Mery Christmas and Happy new Year…

  • Keighley Guevara

    I became an OFW when I was 18. Now I’m 20. It’s better than flipping burgers or answering calls in the Philippines.

  • My son is also an OFW, now he went back home , sharing happy moment with he`s family ,,

  • Jeng

    You’re young but not too young to be living abroad. And consider it a blessing cause someone I know wasn’t accepted to work on a foreign country 🙂
    My mom works in hk and she doesn’t get her OEC during peak seasons so she wouldn’t have to fall in line for too long. Maybe you could do that as well 🙂
    I’d also like to add that recently my boyfriend flew to Sg, also to bec of the same reason. He’s only 21 with no responsibilities yet. He doesn’t even want to work yet, but he’s there because i pushed him to find work last year and everything else is the aftermath.
    Hang in there and just continue to thank God for skype (or facetime) and for the cheap airline tickets 🙂

  • yohanna

    too young? no, you are just brave and determined. strike while the iron is hot!

  • richard

    Maswerte bata ka pa OFW ka na. Ako partly I regrets bakit hindi ako nag OFW noon kabataan ko, I’m 30 right now takot na ako makipag sapalaran. I trying hard now na ma kuntento na sa mga bagay bagay na binibigay ni God sa akin dito sa Pinas. Ikaw habang bata pa grab all the opportunity you still have 10 years pag 30 ka na then settle down to where your heart belong 🙂

  • Kylie

    Too young?? No you’re not. I am also living outside Philippines, I am just 22 – When I was your age I was already married, gave birth, got a mortgage etc. I have a lot of young pinoy/pinay friends who are living by themselves here as well and working who are younger than you. Lots of young OFWs too. You’re not alone don’t worry.

  • Kanya-kanyang dahilan baket tayo’y nakikipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa. 2 buwan na lang at pitong taon nako sa bansang aking naturingang pangalawang tahanan. Ganyan din ang pag-iisip ko nun, makaipon lang ng sapat at babalik na ng Pinas. Ngunit napaka-bilis ng panahon. Ang isang linggo ay parang isang iglap lang, hanggang mapansin mo na lang na ilang buwan na ang lumipas, tapos naka-tatlong taon ka na at anjan ka pa rin.

    Depende sa impact sa iyo ng mga magiging karanasan mo kung kakayanin mo bang tumagal. Nasasayo na kung paano mo ito tatanggapin, ang maganda diyan e malinaw na ikaw na talaga at ito na ang pagkakataon mong gumawa ng bago at “exciting” na kapalaran.

    Good luck!

  • Ry

    Uhm, No. You’re never too young to understand how tax and stuff work. Work is work, just bumping and grinding, all day everyday.

  • Erika

    No…honestly you’re lucky to experience that kind of thing earlier in your life…so when you make mistakes it’s easy to rebound…and there’s no sweeter than helping your parents with what we say from our sweat and blood…u’ll learn a lot… One of them … The value of money.So, grab everything what life presents you… Ur in your prime .. And I’ll tell you,life with its ups and downs is really wonderful.Good luck!