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2011: The Era of Dating How To Use Binary Option Graph

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We are all aware of the fact that women contain more hormones than men, which justifies why women become emotional. But meeting a man who got more of these hormones than you do, and worse, constantly bombards you with his negative thoughts, is basically overwhelming. This guy starts his text with a “hi” and expect his next replies to be an over-all depiction of how his negative world turned out. While I thought we were being dominated by jejemons, there is still a small population of “emos” left in this archipelago. Self-pity is never equal to “pogi points”

Alien No. 2: The Happy-Go-Lucky

While people of their 20’s indulge on how to progress on their careers, this guy has been stuck up with Dota and Counter Strike. Yes, his family may be well-off, but that doesn’t make an excuse for him to be stagnant on a computer game. I need a man, not a boy who’s not even growing up.

Alien No.3: Serendipity Man

When you see a guy a lot of times in the airport terminal, once again in a plane, repetitively by the shore and another instance in a bar, or you have a few friends connected through Facebook, don’t automatically trust it as serendipity. The constant appearance of this man may be logically credited to the small geographical area of the place you are in. I dated this guy simply because I was imagining us to be the Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack of the island. But when the reality of the city arrives, this hopeless romantic picture became clouded with a conscious discretion that love does not happen, just because he’s a familiar face.

Alien No.4: Man in the Danger Zone.

I guess my inclination to extreme adventure led me to meeting a guy with a dangerous personality. I had this curiosity about bad guys and I’m interested on how I can deal with their personalities and so I tried going out with one. Believe me, he’s just one bad guy that I went out with and the experience was traumatic. Why? The moment I met his clan of rehabs, I ran away. The end of the story.

Alien No. 5: Mr. Intellectual
You’ll never win over a Mr. Know-It-All man. The moment you started pronouncing a syllable, he already knows how to complete your sentence. He thinks of your dinner dates as a constant arena of debates. Raise your arguments in a court room, not in a restaurant. “Ikaw na! ”

In meeting these creatures from Mars, I realized that there’s some truth in the saying, “You attract the people who come into your life”. I did not date these guys out of random selection; I went out with them because at 1 point, I shared a common culture with them. The dating activities I had this year made me aware of my values, beliefs and attitudes. Dating allowed me to get in touch with my core and to know myself better. I was surprised on my self-discoveries. It gave me a clear grasp of who I wanted to be and of the essential things that I stand for. My dating experiences taught me the importance of “self-worth”. I guess I have reached the objectives of dating; waiting for Mr. Right is another chapter.

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  • What a cute blog.. those are some of the guys out there and there are many more with different personalities… Just wait and see.. you’ll going to have the right man for you. And he will accept you despite your own flaws.. Good Luck.. 🙂

  • cheries

    we come to love not by finding a perfect person to love but by loving an imperfect person perfectly…..its your choices if you prefered a high standard and they arent fit….its not so easy to find mr. right in this era,they say opposite atrracts can find love

  • rexroth wasn’t fun huh? But at least you tried and tested our homo manly complicated world…some are unpleasant some are charming…that’s why its hard to find Mr.Right…but if your reading only books and Cosmopolitan Magazines…its a tedious and long work…all you want to find is perfect man…there’s no such thing…where humans and our idiosyncrasies, we have different kind of personalities but all you mentions,@lol of us those kinds…its rather he show it to you early on…than find out later when you guys get married and little kiddos…sometimes it takes a real man to show what he is…than keep it..and its late; women say; I don’t love you no more honey…I have to start going out….because you don’t take me out…and I’m bored…its too late guy find out she’s divorcing him….so my point just find a one that would be loyal…but cute…goodluck!!