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Sex, Land Bridges, and God

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But that didn’t eliminate obvious obstacles to quality education. In fact, the handouts we were supposed to pass to our students were filled with grammatical errors and problems that some of the students themselves felt uneasy studying English. Some of our teachers even admitted that some students don’t know how to read. I was moved by their eagerness to learn, and as I taught my students, I couldn’t help but wonder if they would ever got something better. I wondered if, and when, the system is fixed, would these students still be studying? Or would it be their children? Or their children’s children?

Even I, a student in a private school, can see plainly what’s going on. More than one of my teachers, from the schools I’ve been to, have all spread some nasty internet rumors as facts. From babies in pitch-black bathing water to Daniel Dingel and Agapito Flores,  I can even recall one of my teachers spreading the myth that Chinese people eat fetuses.

How about our colleges? How many schools in the Phillippines have an ABET accreditation? 10? 4? 3? 1.Only MAPUA is accredited. In a list of top 200 colleges, we’ve fallen a bit: UP is only 62nd this year. Ouch. That’s only in ASIA, by the way, who knows what our position in the global scale is!

What I want to say is this: We need change. Budget cuts are damaging our schools and we’re already losing credibility; students are leaving school and those who stay may even have to take three hour walks in the dirt to get to school in the worst of cases! My fellow Filipinos, let’s get off our butts and change this. If education really is the key to success, then we’ve dropped our keys somewhere long ago; if we all work together, I’m sure we can find it.


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  • nevargana

    agree. sobrang daming “kasinungalingan” ang naituturo sa mga mag-aaral. 4th yr highschool na ako ng malaman kong kalokohan lang yung kay Agapito Flores.
    at ang nakakainis pa ay ang mga gurong hindi marunong umamin ng pagkakamali. pati na rin yung mga gurong sobra kung makasabi ng “tanga!” o “ang hina ng utak mo” sa estudyante, minsan ay nagmumura pa.

    “I was moved by their eagerness to learn, and as I taught my students, I couldn’t help but wonder if they would ever got something better.”
    “would ever get” yata dapat. pwede pa bang i-edit? (hehe hindi ako blogger kay hindi ko alam)

    • Not allowed to edit once published

    • Pero salamat ah….. Nice to know that someome agrees