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Polusyon atbp.

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Climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect. Para mas madaling maintindihan: POLLUTION. But it seems like people got soooo used to the term that they think it’s natural. Not even bothering to do something about it. It also sucks that the programs people ought to know or learn about are shown at a very late time slot, those documentaries that provide “true” reality instead of drama; problems and their solutions instead of just dilemmas; vision and clarity instead of ambiguity…

Instead of feeding the nation of the stuff that will enrich their minds and souls, society feeds them with crappy teleseryes that has the same story!!! and so called “reality shows” which in truth are really scripted. Everybody needs entertainment, but not all the time!

I understand the fact that people sometimes get fed up with bad things in the news, but if we continue to put these kind of shows on our priority list instead of those that we’ll learn something from, all the problems we’re experiencing will worsen…

Remember, we cannot avoid the bitter pill forever especially when it reaches its expiration date, the time  we won’t be able to swallow the only thing that can cure this sick nation even if we want to…

Sabi sa National Geographic: WHAT YOU DO COUNTS. Isang natutunan ko ngayon, kung makikialam ka and it’s for a good cause, go. Kung yung pakikialam nga sa buhay ng iba nagagawa kahit di nakakatulong, yung may naituro kang maganda pa kaya?

We can continue to complain about the weather and stuff, pero may gawin naman sana tayo…