Is There Anything Wrong With Being a Homosexual or Not?

Before the “war” starts over what I am about to say, let me say this, very quickly. I have worked with, been friends with and known personally MANY people who were gay. Some were outwardly and aggressively gay and some …well, you would never know they were gay unless you asked. I have been friends with many people who admitted to being gay and I had one really good friend, Sandra,…a Mexican-American back in Texas who I worked with who was a lesbian. Now that I have sufficiently covered myself….LOL!..let me tell you what I REALLY think about this particular issue.

First, do we need to define what it means to be gay?  If we do, let’s agree that it is anyone who prefers to have sexual relations with a person of the same sex. I know. That is pretty shallow, but let’s go with that for now, OK? I grew up in a very, very  strict Christian home and I had no experience whatsoever with homosexuals or lesbians until I was probably about 27 years old and out in the work force.

Your thoughts?

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Native born Texan. Married to a Filipina for over 20 years. We met in Texas and married there. Moved to Cebu in March of 2009. Balik-bayan status, meaning, we have to leave the P.I. once every 12 months and go somewhere and come back. Originally came here to take care of my 83 year old mother-in-law and some of wife's family but they are all crooks and thieves. Don't have much contact with them now.

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  • frenzy

    to the author of this article:

    You’re asking for everybody else’ opinion but it seems you don’t really need it at all. You are refuting those opinions that are not basically aligned with yours. your closed-minded I must say!

  • Starlet

    If we will go by the book, called Bible, we can outrightly say that God is against homosexuality. Yes, it is true. But these “gays” are also human and have the same rights as straight people do. Let us condemn the sin but not the sinner. I would rather have the world be populated by lesbians, gays, bisexuals, faggots, who, most often than not, contribute a lot to our society than those whom we call “straight” people but are rapists, murderers, gamblers, wife-beaters, and the like. LIVE AND LET LIVE.

    • frenzy

      I totally agree with your statement!

  • Sly Fox

    I guess it’s also some people in Hollywood force feeding the homosexuality movement to the younger generation through media. My counter-message to that is, “It’s not okay to be gay if you think you’re not supposed to be one,” (does that make sense?). It’s like reverse racism, Hollywood is practically confusing the kids. I’m not hating or “totally disapproving” on “gay” people. They can be effeminate (for males) or masculine (for females) as much as they want to. I will respect their behavior, but I am forever against the homosexual/gay sex-act. It will never be natural. Three points for the concept of sex 1) pleasure, 2) the expression of love, and 3) pro-creation/reproduction. Those are what constitute the “rightness” of the Universe when it comes to sex. Sure people (male to female, or F2F/M2M) can engage in sexually pleasuring others to express their love or to blow-off some biological sexual steam, but that is a choice and orientation of preference. ITEM number 3 doesn’t apply to gay people, however, when they do the sex-act. Homosexuals will never ever reproduce offspring. Now, I am not saying that homosexuals are evil people, they are not and it might be said that there is no blame to be placed on them if they realized one day that they were in the wrong body (gender wise). It’s the unfortunate roll of the proverbial dice [and if I might be so bold as to compare this to what a person must face when (due to the random confluence of factors and forces that make-up and mold the Universe) he is born dirt poor, ridiculously rich, pitifully dumb, admirably smart, with congenital diseases, afflictions and disabilities, a broken home, etc.] that they are expected to struggle and strive to take the “proper” path and not give in to what could be the easiest one. If I were born poor, would I take the simple way out by stealing and robbing the hell out of those who have the wealth or would I work hard to get out of it (even if I always wind up in a dead end because of a cruel economic system that propagates the hamster wheel)? It’s the dignity and self-respect an individual gains from struggling and striving against what was unfortunately handed to him by circumstances that he emerges a better human being. What most things spewed out by media, especially in Hollywood (those overtly liberal types, lmao), are powerfully influential that we are convinced to believe that it’s really okay to be gay and to give in (to be “true” to one’s self), but in my humble opinion we are fed and hammered with these opinions by others constantly that we begin to believe that maybe it is acceptable (since it’s already existed even during Greek times or maybe even longer through pre-history – because after all gay-sex and incest are normal in the animal kingdom right?) But, despite these facts, we should understand that as human beings who are bestowed with the abilities of self-reflection and self-consciousness, we are capable of living as creatures of higher sentience. We have dignity and we have the power to share this dignity to others. Again they can be “soft” or effeminate (for men) and “hard” and masculine (for women) and they will always get the respect that is due them, but never when it comes to the sex-act. Gay people can’t pro-create so they influence and encourage other people to be gay so they can propagate the movement. IMHO. That’s my two cents and I know people will remain divided on this issue. Let love and understanding reign. Peace!

  • It is hard for me to be completely detached and impassive when discussing issues such as homosexuality, as a large part of who I am sprung from the constant struggles of being gay in conservative, largely Catholic society.

    The first question that begs an explanation is: how does one become homosexual? Are people born gay, or is it something chosen at some point in a person’s life? Many conservative Christians consider homosexuality itself as a lifestyle, something that is freely chosen. Religious liberals however believe that sexual orientation is not a choice and is unchangeable. Thus, “lifestyle” will not be used to refer to a person’s homosexual orientation, but rather what choices gays and lesbians make- for example the terms of relationships they seek (

    The American Psychological Association defines sexual orientation as, “an enduring emotional, romantic, sexual or affectional attraction to another person. It is easily distinguished from other components of sexuality including biological sex, gender identity (the psychological sense of being male or female) and the social gender role (adherence to cultural norms for feminine and masculine behavior)… There are numerous theories about the origins of a person’s sexual orientation; most scientists today agree that sexual orientation is most likely the result of a complex interaction of environmental, cognitive and biological factors… human beings can not choose to be either gay or straight. Sexual orientation emerges for most people in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. Although we can choose whether to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.”

    There are so many truths that are known to God alone, and cannot be resolved by men. Insofar as I have the strength to fight for what I believe in, and intelligence to discern right from wrong, I will continue to hold on to my values and principles to guide me through living the tumultuous life of a Catholic gay man. Through it all, I want to stay true to myself, I cannot think of anything more oppressive than living a life prescribed by somebody else who think he/she knows me better than I know myself.

  • enncee

    Then what happen next?

    • Steven Macon

      LOL! This post, (my article), is incomplete. I thought I had entered the whole thing but did not. What I was going to say is that the Bible, (1 Corinthians 6:9 and Leviticus 18:22 specifically condemn homosexuality). Also, lesbianism and homosexuality is so repulsive to me that I do not know how people can watch Vice Ganda or other weirdos on television in the Philippines. My wife cannot stand him. Neither can I. Same for Boy Abunda. Give me a break. LOL!

      • Mark Reyes

        If you’re going to take literally the bible then why don’t you go Pillaging in God’s name? I mean, it would be justified so long as you do it in his name. Or, chain someone up and make them your slave, I mean, if you people read the bible then you peole would know that God likes slavery. Or Genocide, why don’t you guys perform genocide on a cetain group of people, I mean God commanded genocide right?

        It’s funny how Christians cherry-pick from the bible!
        If you cherry-pick the verses that makes you look good from the bad verses that REFUTE your stand then what does it say about your basis for morality?

        • Steven Macon

          Mark Reyes, most of the things you refer to were done in the OLD TESTAMENT, before Jesus was crucified on the cross of Calvary. After that the NEW TESTAMENT took effect. I encourage you to read or re-read the book of Hebrews. It tells us that Jesus is now our high priest and mediator between us and God and the old laws were nailed to the cross. Hence, no more slavery, Mark, ol’ buddy. LOL! It is so difficult to speak about Christian virtues and principles with non-Christians. I am a musician. It would be like me telling my brother, a non-musician, about using the Gminor 7th chord right after he uses the F sharp diminished chord and then quickly changing keys and making an E chord using the bar chord pattern. Huh? See. Difficult isn’t it? OUR,…note, I said OUR…basis for morality is or should be the teachings of Jesus and his apostles in the New Testament. If we go by that as best we can, we are going to ultimately come out better than when we try to use our own “feelings”, political correctness, new age liberalism, or any other type of pattern for our lives that leaves out God. Mark, go to church, preferably a BAPTIST church, my friend, and get educated, please.

          • pam

            what if somebody interprets YOUR MUSIC using a HIS BRUSH and PAINT, can you say you both deal with “ART”???

            I must therefore pity ALL those who died as jewish, muslims, buddhists, and several millions more…THEY ALL WENT TO HELL!!!

  • niceNslow

    nothing is wrong but the moment you humiliaze yourself and become irritant to others then there is something wrong with that.

  • Bebang

    No…. Im in relationship with a gurl and im a gurl also… There is nothing wrong about our relationship… We’re happy…

    • Steven Macon

      Bebang, get serious. I did not write this little article, incomplete that it is…( I saved my draft before I got thru and that is what went through..sheesh)….to have idiots make unsupportable and ridiculous statements on here. You state, “There is nothing wrong about our relationship….We’re happy.” What an idiotic statement! What if going out and killing school children makes someone happy?!? Is that OK with you too? Read Romans, Chapter 1, 1 Corinthians 6:9 and Leviticus 18:22. All of these speak about the SIN of homosexuality. Therefore, based on the Bible, YES, there IS something VERY WRONG about your lesbian relationship. Duh.

  • Perry R.

    Of course not! I believe in the fluidity in human sexuality, and that love transcends gender. I went to a private all-girl school, and I have had friends and classmates who are lesbians. They’re all nice, kind, and funny. Honestly, their orientation didn’t matter to me then. They were good friends and classmates, and nothing could change that. 🙂 I now attend Uni, and I have friends who are openly gay or bisexual. It’s really a non-issue. They’re all pretty awesome, actually.

    • Steven Macon

      Perry, are you or are you not a Christian? The Bible condemns homosexuality as a sin. Did you know that? Is that important to you at all?

      • frenzy

        Regarding that Homosexuality and Christian religion, a Catholic Bishop here in Philippines said that it is not the sexual orientation (being gay) that makes somebody a sinner, its the homosexual act.
        From that, being gay is not really a sin… and the gay act is just secondary to the question.
        So Steven?? what’s the say of your religious leader to the issue of homosexuality???

    • Steven Macon

      LOL! What a cop out, Cebu Round Trip! “I agree with Smith.” Are you capable of formulating independent thought or has that ability been taken away from you in our world of liberalism??

  • Aurea B.Reyes

    I’ve got nothing against gays as long as they are not like screaming faggots.I know they suffered too,whenever they are being discriminated.They were treated as if they are second class citizens.As long as they are decent,I can accept them.

  • wala…

    • Steven Macon

      Wala? Is that it? Is that supposed to be an informed, intelligent, well thought out response or are you just bored today? I don’t think “WALA” is going to convince anyone of anything, Len Rimando, do you?

    • Steven Macon

      Adolf Hitler was also a human being. Attila the Hun was also a human being. Richard Speck, ( a homicidal killer that slaughtered several nurses in Chicago years ago), was also a human being. Saddam Hussein was also a human being. Khadaffi was also a human being. Care to take a different tact in your argument, Hilda? LOL! Pitiful.

  • No. Bcoz they r also human being.

    • Steven Macon

      Another uninformed person. Smith Lloyd Nikko, your answer is lacking in substance, reason and understanding of the Bible. Would you say there is anything wrong with being a homicidal maniac or is that also just like being a human, eating food or breathing. Your non-chalant attitude on this subject reeks of the type of “It’s OK”, attitude these days that is behind many of the problems of the world today. Wake UP! Think! Drop all the political correct bull crap you have apparently absorbed and step out of the box and look at the situation logically. Sheesh.

  • none

    • Steven Macon

      None. Real brilliant. Anything further to share with us, Cesar Fernando or is your capacity for thought only as deep as the water in your bathtub?