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There is a Thin line between Pride and Love of  Sports.


Part 4 should be arranged. Marquez didn’t receive the justice that he deserves for what he worked for the past years since 2008.  Can you imagine what Marquez did? He stepped up on higher division (just what Pacquiao did), battled with ‘not so easy’ fighters and drinking his own pee just to earn his shot for this fight. If you’re on Marquez’ position, will you do those things especially the 3rd one just to meet your dream fight? lolz

Probably Pacquiao has nothing to do with the controversial decision. Ask ARUM!!! (BTW, any ideas about the BUSINESS of BOXING?, probably ARUM also knows that)

Marquez’ camp was successful to figure out the common thing on Pacman’s last 3 previous fight and they’re able to derive a strategy out of it. Congratulations!

Aggresiveness is Pacman’s savior.

Mayweather will have the guts now to fight Pacquiao. He will be basing his strategies from Marquez’ performance on the latest fight.

This fight tells us something,  Pacquiao is not the best but just “one of the bests”. His strength is his weakness.  Let’s face the fact,  Pacquiao was not able to formulate the magic potion against the curse of Marquez’ counter punch. Reason? It is  still a mystery.

He is a type of fighter that loves to attack and attack which has made him one of the most “entertaining fighter” over the years. But c’mon! Boxing is not merely about knockouts and neither a movie wherein there will be always an exchange of multiple blows of fists. Technical fighters are athletes.

Pacquiao must choose from these 3 options:

a.Marquez part 4



For those who posted about the stats regarding landed punches and etc. on their social network sites, one thing that I can ask is:  Did you see those punches with your eyes? Set aside the pride and don’t deny what you feel.

You can’t say “leave it to the experts (i’m pertaining to the judges)” because in the end, the way of fight is the thing that will be remembered by the people  and not the scorecards from the judges.

Our identity is an independent aspect of being a Filipino. It is not described by Pacman, Charice or any personality that has brought honor to our country.  Pride is good but a PRIDE BASED ON REASON AND JUSTICE  is superb.

Jumping on the bandwagon is a mortal sin.  So if we just love an athlete or a personality because of a trend then everything is nothing but a mainstream effect.

Win is a win.. Everybody loves a winner.  So Kudos to Pacman.

God bless Filipino Athletes! Especially those who are in battle right now in SEA GAMES 2011.



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  • tinwade

    maybe this one is a floyd gayweather fan..hehe

  • Juan

    Definitely Filipino……Filipino Crab Mentality..

    Make more research about your topic. this is either intentional or you really didn’t know alot about boxing.

    There is no mystery in boxing, “Styles makes fights” the difference in style of each fighter makes any fight interesting. and as a usual, All combat sports has referee and judges, now a days they also use computerbox to monitor the punches, it is compose of 8 monitors positioned outside the ring and it is tamper proof.

    from previous pacman-marquez, Basing from the number of punches and hard punches that hits an opponent, all points are in favor of pacman.

    stepping on the foot 3 times if cought by the referee, minus 1 point.

    as a usual standard in all combat sports, the aggressor favors the judges, a challenger must prove he dominated the champion in almost all rounds.

    We all know, win or loose, pacman always win millions of dollars, but just by standing in the ring, pacman is also representing the Filipino people, and he is one of the filipino that is shows other nations that Filipino people can compete and win againts other nations.

    If he win without any proof, then its a shame, but if you bark and pull your own kababayan down without knowing the facts, you should be a shame.

  • gayfairy

    i think of d distraction to manny’s fight is his domestic problem

  • Click on this link ” ” to watch and see how Pacman won the fight with J.M. Marquez… MAnny is the clear winner of this fight. Next opponent: Floyd “GAYWEATHER”!!! RUN FLOYD!!! 🙂

  • victor

    I’ve read and reread what you wrote. I still don’t have any idea what you wanted to impart. Sorry.

  • he’s only one! pacman” he’s doing extra ordinary..unlike marquez or d’ other great boxer..especialy he is a FILIFINO..DEFINITELY FILIFINO.mexican ka yata one sided ka.

  • To be a judge of something one should have experience at what he is judging so he can evaluate intelligently the competitor’s performance. You can not have a basketball player judge a piano competition. To be a judge you should be foremost impartial. Judge base on performance/ facts and not how you feel. I was at first disappointed at Pacman’s performance b/c I expected him to dominate the fight. He didn’t. Does that mean he doesn’t deserve to win? Lederman’s unofficial score card had Pacman ahead. This guy has seen more professional fights than most of us. No Filipino should feel bad for being happy that Pacman won. Nobody can tell me that I jumped on the bandwagon for believing that Pacman won. As a challenger, Marquez has to prove that he deserves to win. Just being close or surviving the fight is not good enough. Sure, his performance had improved ( he did’t get knocked down) .I’ll give him credit for being a tough boxer but that’s it. Marquez should fire his trainer for telling him he won even before the fight was over. That’s probably the reason he lost the fight because he was protecting his lead that was nonexistent instead of giving everything he got in the last round. Mayweather should be scared to fight Pacman now. Pacman took a few solid punches but he didn’t go down. He proved he got a strong jaw!!

  • if he run out of pee then i have more to spare pwe wee

  • XMetal

    I thought Marquez won the fight…but after watching it again…it is very clear on Pacman’s aggressiveness and punching stats..Marquez have very clear shots, even brilliant shots…but Pacman’s swarming punches did the thing… As a challenger, you have to upstage champ to win. Close fights always go to title holder…Let it go! 🙂

  • Bobo

  • mar sta. maria

    >in your thoughts, marquez did not receive the justice he deserved, that is why he continues to say, i won the game…but the stats manifested otherwise, you cannot argue with numbers…pride to be filipino, kaya nga definitely filipino, should dwell in protecting our own and not others…pilipino tago, pilipino turo., crab mentallity..,definitely filipino…shame on us!
    instead of giving support to those who contributed and still contributing para makilala ang ating bansa, pilit nating sinisilipan ng butas no matter how small it is, pilit nating pinalalaki…definitely filipino…’wag namang ganun!

  • sirc

    Let the hate comments begin! =P

  • aris

    marquez did beat up manny but with the help of his dirty tactics. i watched manny’s previous fights and tried to justify marquez’s tactic where he steps and press on manny’s foot. i wanted to find out if manny did the same to his other opponents or any of his opponents did that to him resulting in his or his opponents advantage.
    the result was no one did step on pacman’s foot the way marquez did. there were many times that manny and his opponents steps on each other but they are clearly incidental because of their stance. clear steps but no hold/press.
    bottom line, manny deserved to win and marquez deserved to lose because he is a cheater. a dirty fighter.
    manny fought fair. that’s a champion.

    • popoy

      Dude wake up. When a right hander fights a south paw, stepping of the? feet is known to frequently occur. Mannys camp didnt complain about this because it’s a normal occurance. Drop it already.

  • pinoyseaman

    sorry but i dont agree with you sir. when nobody was knockout during the fight, you always base on the scorecards.. scorecards made by prominent judges and who know how to judge the boxing fight so well. we can even know how to judge the fight, you can see there the number 1 factor in judging.. AGGRESSIVENESS.. how can you see aggressiveness?? number of punches made and number of punches thrown.. yes, marquez had good and power punches lunches, we cant deny that.. but how many?? you can watch the fight all over and over again, in mute mode! then judge it. if you are a true filipino, you will love your own like the americans are doing with their gayweather and with marquez who did dirty tricks and drinking his own urine as you’ve said with your article. dahil kaming nasa ibang bansa, wala kaming ibang kakampi kundi kapwa namin pilipino!

    • popoy

      Dude I’m on your side. After watching it over and over again everything was clear to me. Paquiao really won the fight.

  • popoy

    try to watch the fight in slow motion and get a piece of paper then count the punches landed by those two guys. =D BTW turn the audio off. Then decide who won. Please do this. I’m one of those who thought Marquez won the fight but after watching the fight over and over again…..