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Filipinos are NOT rude to foreigners unless, we have to be. (In response to Mr Steven Macon)

About joadobo

A proud Filipino. Born in Manila. 32 years old attended the University of the Philippines in Manila. I have never appreciated my own culture until I lived abroad. Then, I realize how loving, resilient and positive Filipinos are despite of our challenges.

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Note from the editor: This piece is in response to the article entitled Why are Filipinos so Rude to Foreigners?  written by Mr. Steven Macon, an American who is married to a Filipina. It has been approved and published to make a balanced view of the topic being discussed.


I am tired of watching my race being looked down on.  First, let me tell you  Mr. Steven Macon that [email protected] happens to everyone. And that is no reason for you to generalize and judge a whole race just because of a series of bad experiences you have had, some of which you could have possibly caused yourself.  And to my fellow Filipinos, I am not a sensitive person.  For one, I never cared less for what people say about me.  I just do not like foreigners assuming that all Filipinos would agree to whatever they have to say just because they are white.

I am not writing this article to disprove my fellow Pinoys’ behaviour (those that you have mentioned), nor to defend them.  I have been a victim of such tactics myself being married to a foreign national.  There is no justification to take advantage of other people just because of the colour of their skin.  However, you have no right to generalize about how we behave towards foreigners. We all have crosses to bear and my race is battling a bitter social stigma.  A series of it worse than your petty complaints about your unlucky encounters with some of us.  Maybe the uneducated Filipinos think all Americans are rich because they live in America.  It is a sign of us looking up on the western world which I absolutely think is wrong.  So which is worse, being in your end or being one of us?   I wish I was stupid most times so I would not know that I am a victim of stereotyping myself.

You said,” we are dependent on two things to keep our economy afloat,” well, our economy might be in its worst but certainly we have people who are in the Philippines who work in offices, who pay taxes and contribute to the country’s annual budget, do we?  We have professionals, yes we produce intelligent Filipinos, working in the Philippines who are far more excellent than some Americans can ever be.  So please, if you do not like the Philippines pack your bags and leave.  I think foreigners especially Americans have stayed long enough in our country they should stop interfering with our affairs and let us solve our problems our own way.  We do not need more Americans in the Philippines.  You have done us enough damage.

We are one of the poorest countries in the world.  Our success is overshadowed by our failures.  But you know what makes me proud being a Filipino? In spite of our circumstances, the problems we have with our corrupt government, our  desperation to get out of poverty and our constant but silent fight against people who judge us, we still manage to smile and see the brighter side of things.  We believe in the good, we stand up and carry on after a fall.  We are resilient to the adversities being thrown at us.  We are not perfect and we will not insist we are better than any other race.

There is a saying, “Respect begets respect.”  Maybe we are treated with respect because we know how to respect other culture’s values. What I find most shocking is not what you have said Mr. Macon but how you have said it.  Your article is full of hatred and disgust of us Filipinos that I suggest you divorce your wife then.  Leave the Philippines and never come back because I think nobody would miss you.  I would not flinch if you call me rude.




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  • First of all, I never read Steve Macons posts and had lived here 4-7ys.
    Ur Title is absurd and outrageous!I only skimed through your tripe.
    All you people do is search for ways to wound us Foriegners!Thats the way your parents and Great Grand parents taught you!It dont matter if its all made up lies and dont make any sense, your suregoing to gossip whatever you heard could possibly wound us.Usually everyday I hear a sarcastic comment or made up gossip but sometimes
    a few days can go by without hearing somthing.This is my Pinoy neighbors, Pinoy in the Malls or on the jeepneys.
    If you want to say no your parents and Grand parents never taught you hot to be rude to us, then your a liar!
    I would never leave my child an GF here and dont have the money to move them to the US.

  • a4paper

    Sorry for my another rant. How ironic that the title says Filipinos are NOT rude to foreigners unless, we have to be. So if we steal, take advantage, lie, insult because we have to be?

  • a4paper

    I’ve been charged 3x of the usual fair when I ride a pedicab in Metro Manila because I don’t know the exact fair. I am currently studying in a private college in Manila, during rainy days, I would not ride any pedicab because the usual fair will increase 3x and sometimes it’ll be more than 3x if you don’t give loose change immediately.

    One time I came along with my parents to school. We rode a taxi then after the taxi learned that I was studying in this private school, he said that after I was brought to the school, he will restart the drop count of the gasoline for my parents’ different route. We knew that he was taking advantage of us while he was making up his explanation why he would increase the fair.

    My family is Filipino. This isn’t racism. I noticed that many Filipinos don’t like criticism. One of the biggest problem of the Philippines aside from corruption is the mentality of the majority of Filipinos.

    • Manila_Playa87

      I dunno how i got your message as a response in my email but did you report the taxi driver and have him removed from his job. There is no greater deterrent than taking away their livelihood. That’s the only way those scumbags will learn. If you didn’t know that it’s against the law that practice, well now you do.

      I had a trike driver in Angeles jailed for trying to assault me after i refused to pay double the fair and threw the money in his face. A relative had to pay to get him out and he now has a debt as a result so justice well done 🙂

      • a4paper

        No we din’t as much as I would love though because my parents were afraid that the driver will get back to us or remember me and make bad stories about students in my school, you know how some people do this kind of thing to take revenge. But it would have been really great if we fought for justice against the unjust driver so he’ll learn a lesson and not do it to others easily. If only that was the case but there’s so many unjust things happening here and it just became common to not report those who did wrong because they say they just pity them and that they’re waiting for karma to get back at those people. I too don’t like this message being taught to the youth because they’re are not helping to make a world a better place.

  • charing

    To Mr. Macon I feel sorry for you, as what I remember you had a profession but I think you don’t act like one. Don’t get me wrong but the way you wrote it is bad. Yeah I agree some people are bad, maybe other think some hore or ignorant or lazy. But don’t you think generalized filipino race is overated? Its not only in the Philippines had people like that, I think its all over the world. You think the state where you came from are perfect? You think nobody like that in texas? I feel bad for your wife, she put up with you and you lookdown on her or how bad her family. Why you keep complaining aren’t you enjoy the beautiful women there? I think you said a lot of beautiful women. Wow how could you look at them and smile at them but deep inside you hate the Filipino aren’t they Filipino too? Also you said the food is not good enough for you. Well you can make your own food as you keep doing where you came from Am I right?

    Mr Macon I wish you can find in your heart how to be content and appreciate the things you had and be happy.

    By the way we Filipino are talented in anyway. There are a lot of Professionals, educated and hardworking people.
    I’m a Filipina and proud to be one:):)

  • ramon

    No educated and civilized american would blurt out such rubbish. Mr steve, im not sure what you were before being a pensioned american trying to maximize his monthly stipend by enjoying the low cost of living in our country, but you definitely were not educated well enough by the US. My country has one of the most tourist friendly people you can find, because we know tourists mean extra money flowing through the land, and we pinoys are very appreciative.
    Your remarks are nothing but utter bigotry and your way of “feeling good” about yourself. Frankly, we dont need people like you who thinks his color is superior to our own and therefore has the right to verbally bastardize our proud nation.
    Go home. You are definitely NOT welcome here.

    • kiko143

      Well said!

  • joadobo

    Thank you to those who have read and understood. I apologize to those who have wrongly interpreted a sentence in my article, again I was talking about the American government I should have specifically said that I now realize, when I said “You have done enough damage.” That is why I said, “they should stop interfering with our affairs and let us solve our problems our own way.”

    In a sense thank you the racist Mr Macon I am now inspired to write a book. It is a wake up call to us Pinoys, we need to take action and do something to become a better nation. Work for the better Philippines, wake up.

    • kiko143

      I can’t wait for that book you’re planning to write!

  • Very well said Mr Editor.

  • g’day

    people in texas are not rolling out the red carpet for him either. it is most unfortunate that the filipinos particularly those in talisay cebu are stuck with this impertinent american.

  • So far, halos lahat ng articles ni steve macon na isinulat dito sa definitely filipino are anti-Filipino. Kahit nga yung description nya sa sarili nya, mapapansin mo yung galit nya sa mga kamag-anak ng asawa nya. I’m starting to think na baka reklamador lang sya na naghahanap ng pansin dahil retired na at wala ng magawa sa buhay. I think natutuwa pa nga sya lalo na’t ang daming nagcocomment ngayon sa panibago nyang article. Hindi ako magugulat kung magsusulat pa uli sya ng mas matindi pang article against our race and culture. Habang lalo tayong nagcocomment, lalo lang natin siyang iniencourage.

  • So far, halos lahat ng articles ni steve macon na isinulat dito sa definitely filipino are anti-Filipino. Kahit nga yung description nya sa sarili nya, mapapansin mo yung galit nya sa mga kamag-anak ng asawa nya. I’m starting to think na baka reklamador lang sya na naghahanap ng pansin dahil retired na at wala ng magawa sa buhay. I think natutuwa pa nga sya lalo na’t ang daming nagcocomment ngayon sa panibago nyang article. Hindi ako magugulat kung magsusulat pa uli sya ng mas matindi pang article against our race and culture. Habang lalo tayong nagcocomment, lalo lang natin siyang iniencourage.

  • rey

    I have colleagues who are being paid 3 times higher than our salary (they are high school grads) just bec. their skin is white. we Asians with college and masters degree have accepted that inequality…. But one thing we hate – ARROGANCE. they think they are better bec. they speak the language…And when a dean or a dept. head corrects their grammar on their exams and reports, they go berserk telling we ASIANS are not native speakers.. makes me wonder, why the attitude? The fact is, some have to come and work in a shitty 3rd world country because they aren’t good enough to earn a decent living in their own country right?

    • Ruth

      I agree with you Rey, they chose to work in Asia because they are not employable in their own country, so sad for them.

  • Anne Verhilyo

    Steve Macon was just telling the truth. A lot of Filipinos really aren’t polite.

    • joadobo

      I dont mind if people tell the truth Anne. But sometimes what is the point of telling the truth if all you aim for is to hurt? Are you really taking it all that calmy because you simply want to agree? He could say it in a thousand ways without sounding so hateful be critical please know when people are really trying to help you and when they are stepping all over your face.

  • Hana

    Tama! Mabuhay ka kabayan!

  • I salute you…proud be a pinoy….

  • Lynne Keenan

    we agree me and my british husband 🙂

  • Jim O

    Mr. Macon also has a problem with Catholicism. He has blogged here before and tried to blame all the problems in the Philippines on the Catholic Church.

  • Mr.Macon why don’t you look at your hand and tell me if they have equal in length I hope you got my point if not ask your wife

  • MJ

    Some WHITE people, feel like a big fish in a SMALL pond when they come to visit to some Asian countries… so sorry for this people.

  • not rude with strangers but rude with the law…..even the leaders dont obey the SC decision..hahaha

  • John Miele

    Steven’s original article was simply thinly disguised racism, pure and simple. I feel sorry for his wife, who has to listen to this crap (How do you think that makes her feel, Steven?)

    Unfortunately, the actions and attitudes of some of my fellow countrymen really piss me off.

    How does it feel, Steven, when someone asks you “Why are all Americans a bunch of arrogant, fat old men who come here chasing young girls and throwing money around?” You sound like you are living in some compound, surrounded by a bunch of other expats who never do anything but drink beer and bitch and moan about how terrible things are. All while living on a monthly pension that is most likely higher than most college graduates here earn by working hard, and paying taxes.

    My wife is Filipino, as is my son. She is proud of who she is and takes pride in her country, even with its’ flaws. No, the Philippines is not a perfect utopia, but neither is the United States or anywhere else. We chose to live here… Nobody forced us to do so. I suggest to Steven that if he doesn’t like it here, airplanes have the ability to fly in both directions.

    • Ruth

      ..Steven has no respect to his wife who is a Filipino because if he respected her, he will not write his article and shout to the whole world about their issues..nobody is perfect!..

      There is always a way to deal with whatever issue/problem concerning family, relatives or whatever. I dont want to be judgmental but it seemed Steven doesnt know how to deal with it and people around him in their neighborhood.

    • Manila_Playa87

      Says the idiot who payed 400 for a taxi fare the otherday. If you cannot see that foreigners in Philippines are more targeted than say pinoys in America, then you are not very observant. Of course that dude has made some sweeping generalizations but u have to admit that there is a strong correlation to that sweeping generlization. No not all pinoys are like that i know, but the barumbado’s stick out alot more than the shy ones who do or say nothing.

      Atleast in a western country, foreigners are protected from abuse no matter how minor it is but in Philippines you are fair game and nobody cares because you are resented for being maputi. It is also a general expectation that a foreigner should support the womans family unlike other countries and you are expected to bring pasalubongs also unless u wanna be branded a kuripot.

      Also i dont know of any other country that can make a foreign national persona non grata for being arrogant unless they have actually committed a crime. Imagine the cries of racism if the US deported a rude person because of their race. Think Claire Danes, Alec Baldwin, Adam Corolla and even Gloria Diaz being declared persona non grata in Cebu for something incredibly trivial. That silly politician who wanted to challenge Baldwin to a fist fight was so nakakahiya to think that the actor actually cares what a senator in a far away country he has never been to actually thinks. With a collective, barbaric mentality,this country still has a long way to go.

      • Ken_L

        ‘Atleast in a western country, foreigners are protected from abuse no matter how minor it is.’

        Friend I don’t know how you got such a misconceived idea. There are about 10 million illegal immigrants in the USA, many doing lousy jobs for susbsistence wages and being bullied and discriminated against by their employers. And would you care to ask Muslims whether they feel ‘protected from abuse no matter how slight’ in the USA? Especially the ones abducted and ‘renditioned’ to be tortured in other countries …

        In Australia there are regular stories of foreigners being forced to work for no money at all, just food, while a pathetically low wage is sent back to families in India or China after the employer deducts money for rent and food. And I could fill pages with reports of the way guest workers are exploited in various European countries.

        The Philippines has its share of problems like all countries but being unusually mean to foreigners is not one of them. Why do you think so many of them come to live here (even the likes of Mr Macon seem not to despise their new home enough to want to leave it … maybe something to do with the low price of Red Horse).

        • Manila_Playa87

          Your comment is awaiting moderation.

          Yeah i got your message a few months back but didn’t bother to reply since i am a busy man but you my friend are a fucking idiot, typical of the pathetic white man ridden guilt mentality that so many white liberals possess.I don’t give a fuck that you walk the streets of Tondo, support a large tribe or visit squatter compountments in Manila as you so pften have posted on LIP threads and your points here are absolute rubbish.

          1. Key word in your first argument. Illegal immigrants. They should not be there in the first place working illegally. Imagine if a white gringo was to be employed illegally in the Philippines, Mexico or any other thrid world country. You think the authorities would be sympathetic? No way.

          2. Would you care to ask Westerners whether they are protected from abuse and discrimination in muslim countries, not to mention others. All the set ups, extortion, threats of violence against them for being foreign and whether the police even bother to follow it up and prosecute a local for a crime against a foreigner? Any percieved abuse a muslim may experience in the west is nothing compared to what westerners have to endure when in an asian or middle eastern country. There is an avenue for justice for foreigners in the west. There is no avenue for justice for foreigners in the middle east or Philippines. Good luck trying to prosecute a taxi driver in Manila or Tuktuk driver in Bangkok for bashing you and extorting money off you because of your white skin

          3. Furthermore douche, those in Australia paid a pathetically low wage are not legally employed and the employers are breaking the law and liable to face charges and jail terms if caught. So no fuckface it is not the Australian judicial system set up to screw the foreigner like it is in Asia and the Middle East but the employer employing somebody illegally in an attempt to cut costs.

          4. Speaking of Red Horse. It looks like you’ve had quite too many days of being on the piss and it shows by looking at your photo. You look an absolute mess Kenny just like that moron John Miele. Nice attempt at trying put the west in the same light as the Philippines but you have just made yourself sound incredibly foolish and demented. In the future please refrain from posting such rubbish and just kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Mr. Macon, I agree with the author, do not generalize cause may Filipinos are professionals. So sorry for your experience but that doesn’t mean that Filipino’s are rude. The fact that you even married to a Filipina, it means that in some aspect, you also love Filipino values. And the author is right, if you are not happy with our country, you can fly back to US and live there.

  • Mr.steven Macon get your ugly fat ass out of my country.we are not rude!kung sino man tong naging rude Sayo well bow ako sa kanya.kasi ang Pinoy matiisin yan at di basta2 nagagalit.baka ang pangit nang ugali mo.we don’t need ugly Americans in our country nywayz.

    • naks

      you just did it my friend.

      “Mr.steven Macon get your ugly fat ass out of my country.we are not rude!kung sino man tong naging rude Sayo well bow ako sa kanya.kasi ang Pinoy matiisin yan at di basta2 nagagalit.baka ang pangit nang ugali mo.we don’t need ugly Americans in our country nywayz.”

      That is exactly why foreign people call us such…

      Calm down and take a minute to reflect on what you just said.

      As to Mr. Macon, not everybody is perfect, that’s why we need to accept our imperfections and learn to understand one another in spite of the racial differences. As a promoter of world peace, I simply am upset with this conversation…. Tsk tsk…

      Hope this argument will end. And there is no “superior race”. All of us are just HUMAN. HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS. We’ll find out that we have more things in common.

      PEACE DUDES. I’m gone! 😀

      • rochelle

        Kaya nga, friend. Filipinos are not rude to foreigners unless we hv to. Bastos c macon eh..kya binabastos na din xa. Respect begets respect db? May mga cnabi din syang totoo..pero ang pag generalize ay mali at di dapat. Kaya nagtataka aq may mga pinoy pa na kumakampi pa sa kanya.

        Kung cnabi nya ang mga ito as constructive criticisms..i will agre with him jst like mr.jimmy on d 20 things he disliked abt d phils. But macon’s motives are pure racism and discrimination. He deserves d rudeness coz people around him can sense that he has fake kindness towards them. Kung nabasa mo lng lahat ng articles nya stating that he was kind to d people, even playing with them..cno linoko nya. Nkikita ng tao kahambugan nya, that he is faking it.

        Kya naiinis aq sa mga pinoy na umaagree p sa kanya. Palibhasa d nila nabasa lahat ng articles nya. D nila nakonsider ung place kung san xa nkatira ngayon. Eh mukang poverty stricken ung lugar….haler! Wat do u expect sa mga ganung tao!

        Buti n lng lumabas ang survey na d phils is the least rude country…hehe.