Before the “war” starts over what I am about to say, let me say this, very quickly. I have worked with, been friends with and known personally MANY people who were gay. Some were outwardly and aggressively gay and some …well, you would never know they were gay unless you asked. I have been friends with many people who admitted to being gay and I had one really good friend, Sandra,…a Mexican-American back in Texas who I worked with who was a lesbian. Now that I have sufficiently covered myself….LOL!..let me tell you what I REALLY think about this particular issue.

First, do we need to define what it means to be gay?  If we do, let’s agree that it is anyone who prefers to have sexual relations with a person of the same sex. I know. That is pretty shallow, but let’s go with that for now, OK? I grew up in a very, very  strict Christian home and I had no experience whatsoever with homosexuals or lesbians until I was probably about 27 years old and out in the work force.

Your thoughts?