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Studies have shown that getting those muscles to work is much better and safer than taking prescription drugs that are known to have certain side effects when it is taken. The same goes for the use of food supplements since the human body needs exercise to keep in functioning.

Another natural way will be to eat right. This may mean changing one’s eating habits but the long terms effects are rewarding. The individual will have to cut down on red meat, other oily foods and junk food. This includes bread, cake, candy bars, cookies, French fries and potato chips.

Changing the way food is cooked is also another way to reduce cholesterol naturally. Instead of frying, the person can try steaming, boiling or the quick way of throwing it in the microwave.

There was a time that doctors encourage children and adults to drink milk. Though this can help strengthen the bones as one ages, this too is has certain ingredients that are not safe. This should be changed for soy or non-fat milk that may taste a little different but is much healthier than the old one.

It is strongly encouraged to drink lots of water and natural fruit juice since it also has the properties that can reduce cholesterol just like eating it before it is mixed using the blender.

Unsweetened tea is also safe to drink. It may taste different so mixing a bit of sugar  can add some flavoring.

Watching the food and drinks being consumed is the best way to watch the cholesterol levels and improve the overall health of the person. The first blood test may show disturbing numbers but by exercising and going on a diet, there will be some improvements.

It does not cost much to live a healthier lifestyle if only one tries. This just proves that lowering the cholesterol can be done which is much better than ending up in the hospital with complications that will either mean the life or death of the patient.

  • For me I guess one of the natural ways to reduce cholesterol is through soluble fiber, which found in legumes, fruit and vegetables is effective in lowering cholesterol levels. To help lower cholesterol, try to eat 35 grams of fiber per day from fiber-rich foods, which, again, you should familiarize yourself with so you’ll get used to buying high-fiber foods. Oat bran and oatmeal are especially good sources of high-value soluble fiber. Natural fiber supplements can also help to boost soluble fiber in your system, if you just aren’t getting enough roughage in your diet.