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Global Pinoys Usher Landslide Win of Pinay Architect

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Jorjette, from batch 1992, posted the voting information on Facebook Group Pages that have 260, 180, 90, 100, 1900 members. “But it doesn’t make that much of an impact till one makes it something personal and something people can see is important to you. I have some networks overseas which I have tapped as well by sending the voting link by email and giving it a personal touch which made the recipient see the importance of their participation and made them feel the passion I had for this journey. As such, they in turn sent out emails to their colleagues, friends, and relatives which led to a global snowball effect.”

“After the voting became more “heated” that was when all machinery was brought into action. We not only posted on ALL of our social networking sites, “we” meaning most of us who were members of the page, we also had others, like family, friends and colleagues, in to the action. I could say we are a pretty passionate bunch and wouldn’t settle for second. When we give our support, we, if i may borrow the words from Randy Jackson, are ‘in it to win it’,” shares Yasmin Concepcion of Pegasus Publications, Inc. voted and campaigned in Canada.

Ma Rowena C Solamo, who works at the University of the Philippines, received the information via word-of-mouth from her sister, Reena Castro. She says she voted for Lira because “siyempre, kababayan (compatriot) but most importantly, of the person that is competing. She is a person with integrity and a passion for a vision. I have utmost belief that the Philippines will be honored through her.”

This year, Architect Lira Luis is also named one of the Top 16 innovative design pros in the Midwest by i4Design magazine, and the first Filipino-American graduate of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Taliesin.

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