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Wondering why I chose eight? Each entry represents the standard eight hours nurses like me spend in one shift. Standard, eh? I frankly used the number because I need one; otherwise if I add up all the extended hours, this list could go on forever.

So I hate being a nurse because…

EIGHT – Nurses wear all white and we have to wear our hair up in a bun. You know how inconvenient plus hard to maintain that is? Okay, I came to duty on a heavy rain and mud starts making its way up my white uniform and there it is, a stain to last my entire shift. Also, putting my hair up prevents my it from being gorgeous! Really. That means no straightening, rebonding nor perming because I have to pull my hair back every single day. Oh God, I always envy those girls in high fashion corporate wears and all-set hairstyles. Maybe nurses should be allowed to look the same. Umm, just maybe.

SEVEN – We don’t get a professional fee (PF). We also have a license, and that makes us professionals too. But we don’t have a professional fee and we live on meager salary regardless of how many patients we’ve handled or cases we’ve assisted.

SIX – We do not have a holiday. Everyone in the industry can relate to this, I wouldn’t dare watch out for holidays because I just feel hopeless. The entire country rests lazily on their couches while I pin high my dear cap.

FIVE – We can’t leave unfinished work. I mean office girls do that, do they? They can leave unfinished works and get to it the next morning. But nurses have to stay for as long as needed because we just can’t leave things undone. Life is at stake and life can’t wait.

FOUR – We are the complaints center, if there is such a thing. When patients have a complaint on just about anything, they complain to the nurse. Not to the housekeeping staff, guard, doctor, or anyone else. Directly to the nurse; blame that for being too available.

THREE – Refer this and that. Even if I know what drug to give, and I have it right here in my very hands; I can’t give it, I always need to refer and ask for a prescription. I say nurses carry immense responsibility but very little authority, now how more frustrating can that get?

TWO – We are not treated as professionals. Leaking faucet? Faulty telly? We are always asked to do things we are not supposed to do. I mean, we’ve studied four dreaded years and earn ourselves a license for what? Fixing your telly signal? Hell no. Nurses are professionals like engineers, accountants, lawyers, and your beloved doctors whom you do not dare raise one eyebrow while you mindlessly shout at your nurse like your entire hospital bill goes straight to her salary.

ONE – Nursing is more than a sacrifice, it’s suicide. From nursing school to nurse’s station, enough sleep, enough food, nor enough rest is next to impossible. Here’s one idea that I’ve thought of just now: nurses religiously monitor patients’ urine output but at the end of the shift we realize we haven’t once gone to the bathroom: and that makes ours zero. So,if there’s one profession that wholly uses up one’s existence: be it mentally, physically, and emotionally, you got it: it’s Nursing.

Gosh, making a hate list is tiring; but then of course, I also have a list of the things I love in this field…

8. There are always doctors and nurses who look handsome in white and you get to trifle with them; and suddenly, the world is a better place ?
7. I love it when I get in regular clothes and everyone stares in shock; as if I’ve got no right to wear nothing but white.
6. More seriously, as a nurse, I get to see life in all its forms: from womb to tomb.
5. I get to work with all the goodness of my heart, no PF needed. I’m quite about sure you wouldn’t find nurses in hell.
4. I love being able to discharge patients in their improved condition. Nothing beats seeing them go home thanking you for their recovery. I guess that just transpires the very essence of this job.
3. My heart leaps when patients and/or relatives appreciate the work I have done; when they actually call me by name and boast that I am their nurse.
2. No other profession is as heroic as ours: giving up our own lives in order to save others.
1. Last of all, nurses may not be angels, but we’re the next best thing.

Oh you get it, I’m proud of this job: I just never admit it because it’s just too much fun to complain.

Kudos nurses!

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Disclaimer: Definitely Filipino is a community blog. All who write for this blog are independent, unpaid authors. All views, content, images are the responsibility of their respective writers and not of Definitely Filipino. Please contact the author directly with questions about this article.
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  • Louise

    Buti pa nga kayo napapractice niyo pinagaralan niyo unlike PHARMACIST, hindi masyadong magamit ang napagaraln for 4/5 years with 4 internships hay,malaki pa nmn ang potential ng mga pharmacist dito sa pinas. Ang downside nga lang mawawalan ng trabaho ang mga nurse lalo pag utilize ang mga pharmacist ng tama.
    I hate the misconception na pagnaka-white uniform ka e nurse ka.

    • bakit mawawalan ng trabaho nurses dito sa Pi kapag nautilize ng maayos yung mga Pharmacist?Ano bang tingin nyong trabaho ng nurse?!nakakatawa naman tong post na to.tsk!Pakitingin muna course description ng BSN at BS Pharma.

  • najra

    yeah u’r ryt…nursing is really a tiring profession but somehow very inspiring also. simple thank u galing sa mga patients ay subrang nakakagaan ng loob. super sarap mg render ng care sa mga taong knows how to appreciate simple things esp here in middle east!

  • Gracy Goody

    yeah, very inspiring & perspiring job…NURSES!

  • bobby

    yes, for me, ilovenurses

  • cofie

    i like!!! grabe nakakmiz ipractice ang course na pinaghirapan!!!

  • albinoy

    I’m so proud in this course I’m taking! so excited to be an RN someday!

    #graduating student nurse

  • nash

    Nurses can be a RESPIRATORY THERAPIST, PHYSICAL THERAPIST, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST, MIDWIFE, PHARMACIST, LECTURER, INSTRUCTOR, BIOMEDS partial DOCTOR and also HOUSEKEEPING staff na rin and so on. Name the Profession and you can find it in Nursing ^_^

    • Louise

      A nurse cannot be a pharmacist. Different profession dear.

      • ann

        right..cannot be therapists too…we respect each and every one’s specialty profession..

  • Thank God for nurses. When my mom was hospitalized in St. Lukes due to her bout with cancer, the nurses there did more than what their duties called for. I would arrive at my mom’s hospital room and she would show me a letter of encouragement from one of her nurses. One time I caught one nurse praying for and with my mom. Those little gestures from her nurses made her ordeal a little less unbearable.


    I could relate to this as a nurse for 3 yrs but; “2. No other profession is as heroic as ours: giving up our own lives in order to save others.”, I totally contest to this statement. there is but 1 profession that would literally go through the gates of hell just to save a life, and these rare breed are called “FMF CORPSMAN”

  • ang hate ko lang being as a nurse is low salary… other than that i enjoy this profession… di ko alam kung bakit siguro ito ang calling ko… nurses are frontliners kaya nga pag nagkaroon ng problema una napapagalitan ay nurse hayzz…doctors di masyado hands on ang mga yan maliban na lang kung toxic ang patient… I like seeing life from womb to tomb mostly dying patients are always in denial mode… oh d kaya nasa huli ang pagsisisi….
    As a nurse i also see relatives na kapag ang patient nila is dying pinapabayaan nila mamatay… as a nurse kailangan natin sila bigyan ng dignity kahit sa oras na sila ay kukunin… kaya sa lahat ng mga profession nursing is one of the hardest profession second to medecine

  • Almie Lyn Castaneda

    Tama!!! being a nurse we must have Knowledge, passion, commitment, TONS of patience.. Some people thought that wearing a white and white uniform is easy… But mind you pare dameng responsibility….

  • karoline

    had a good time reading this. can i share this in my wall? Good luck.. enjoy every minute and heartbeat in our heroic deeds….

  • spongey ravio

    Thank you for all the nurses and like teachers, this is not a profession but actually a devotion.

  • wow.. no holidays.. that sucks.. i think all fields have its pros and cons.. just have to love what you are doing to be happy.

  • Harry Bel E. Bautista

    True nurses never complains…..