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Is it a Necessity to have a Zoo?

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Zoos are the arks of Noah of our modern time. When the unstoppable floods of humanity cover the surface of the planet, zoos and nature reserves will be the only places where we will still be able to see that once upon a time there were other creatures than man and insects.

Why would we want to see other creatures? What we do not know we will not miss, some people may say. The funds needed to maintain animal collections should be spent on human necessities….

I do not agree – and some people are with me!

“When all the animals have gone, man will die of a great loneliness of spirit; for what happens to the animals, happens to man – all things are connected.”

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  • Thank you for your comments. Cheers!

  • Thanks for sharing your views. Great!

    • Thanks for your valuable opinion and really liked your comment. Cheers!

    • That’s is true, but modern zoos must be well-maintained and could give educational inspiration to children and adults alike. Thanks for sharing your views.

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    • Yes it’s made for the people and animals too as their new habitat. Man and animals are entwined to give purpose to mankind.

    • Wow I believe on you and I really thank you for what you felt.