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Brian “Hawaiian Punch” Viloria is the new WBO Flyweight Champion The Fx Binary Option Scalper System K4 Brian “Hawaiian Punch” Viloria was announced the new WBO Flyweight Champion when he went toe to toe with Mexico’s Julio ” Pingo” Cesar Miranda. From start to finish, these two fighters fought their heart out. Round 1 already set the audience in excitement when Viloria had knocked down Miranda with Miranda quickly getting up.
Viloria had some awesome combos that clearly started to take effect to Miranda’s body in RD 7. At the start of Rd 9 both fighters were cautious and Viloria regained initiative midway through and hung in to win the round. The last 2 RDS were intense with Miranda fighting desperately and Viloria looking exhausted. He dropped down on his knees with arms raised when it came to the final bell. The announcer announced the scores of 98-91, 96-93 and 97-93 for Viloria which was odd because it was a twelve round fight. How To Win Binary Option Trades Every Time Or Forex

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