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Philippines/Filipinos=the Battered Wife

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(No Filipinas were harmed in the making of this image.
In fact, I think she is even Chinese.  Children, these are
trained professionals, please do not attempt unless under
adult supervision.)

In my novice assessment, for whatever its worth, I have come to see the Philippines as “the battered wife.” Let’s see the similarities shall we?

(1) When our neighbor China, or let’s say our “Sugar Daddy” since we seem to borrow a lot of money from them, insults us, slaps us in the face and exposes us to global humiliation (see my previous note for reference) – what do we do? – We tell ourselves (translation – our leaders tell us) – “It’s not that bad.”, “We need him (China).”, “We deserved that – we (..shouldn’t have gone in his space).”, “Let’s wait till he calms down.”, “Let’s not make a big deal out of it.”

(2) We then LIE to our selves to calm ourselves down – I saw an article where Noynoy said that “the structures (Garrisons) were there for years – they are not new – we shouldn’t overreact.” He is right – it began in 1995 when the China attacked our fishermen, and then started building on those occupied islands telling the Philippines they were shelters for their fishermen. They are of course military installations that are weaponized as we know today. Hmm…They lied to us then, they lie to us now. But we lie to ourselves (translation: Our leaders feel they need to lie to us for the sake of what – peace?) We tell ourselves, “He’s not doing anything wrong….he’s good inside…he really loves me.”

(3) Then we, of course, like the faithful battered wife, must forgive ever so quickly. We are enamored by our calm beater as they smile and give us hugs. (Latest Article on Phil-Chinese Happy Relations) They say things like “let’s keep it friendly, baby – sends us flowers
and we say things to ourselves like “China’s NPC has always attached importance to friendly exchanges with the Philippines’ Congress, and is willing to keep expanding multi-level, multi-form exchanges and cooperation between the two legislative bodies, and make fresh contribution to the development of Sino-Philippine relations.”

(4) And finally my favorite. As the truth surfaces slowly towards the realization of our helpless and shameful state – as our actions that reflected our lack of self-confidence reinforce our already damaged self-perception come to mind – we must make sure we do not go insane – so let’s have a drink. Let’s get DRUNK WITH DISTRACTION. There’s certainly no shortage of that with typhoons, internal fighting and of course…celebrity gossip.

. . .

As a Filipino American – the Filipino in me does not want to see a conflict and ruin the moment – the American in me wants to see us ASSERT ourselves. I want to remind the Philippines that the they are NOT ALONE. There are 12 million+ Filipinos abroad. There are 4 million alone here in America. As ONE Filipino, let us all contribute towards the global culture and brand of the Filipino. Generations before me have been colonized to the point that they have engrained in their hearts the curse of limiting beliefs. Second and third gens in the US rebel as they pull away to join the Americans who celebrate the freedom from thinking of limitless possibility.

I wish for the country to ASSERT ITS DESTINY so we all may open the floodgates of limitless possibility. I wish for leaders that inspire us with honorable and wise actions that help us rise as a people. And there is no destiny for a nation that exists in the silo of our own tiny islands. A national destiny is our destiny in relation to the world. Yes there will be opposition, conflicts of interest and tensions. The Filipino spirit knows how to handle that. But let us learn and feed from each other globally. Let us ASSERT OUR DESTINY to greatness.

So – leaders of the Philippine people, were watching to see what you do from this side of the planet- because you help to tell us who we are. Meanwhile you must tell the world who we are.

Here’s an idea: How about a statement that sounds like “We seek diplomacy to resolve the matter, meanwhile, get the F*** out of our territory.”

Please stop making us look like a bunch of bitches. Thanks.

    • vonzino

      God helps those who helps themselves. It’s time to stand up now. (USD) $2 Trillion is at stake that can lift the lives of every Filipino.

    • vonzino

      When a Filipina domestic in the Middle East is raped, they are blamed for instigating the rape, jailed, publicly trialed and humiliated and generally deported. Not just the Middle East. Now, China is F***ing us in a whole new way. We don’t need their money if it means we must sacrificing the future of the generations ahead of us. We can feed ourselves. And If we secure our territory, we’ll have more financial resources than they would ever give us. We are not to be treated like whores.

    • vonzino

      Arlyne, you ARE president to me. You are a leader and understand the depth of this issue. I will follow you, we must follow the path that leads to best interest of our people – not a cowardly compromise because of a “lack” mentality. If you lead, the Filipino’s lead, the World will follow us to succeed. But noone will fight our fight for us….but they sure will help us when we’re ready. So yes, I am with you.

    • vonzino

      No its not our leaders, I agree, it’s us. This why WE must ensure our leaders who SERVE us act in our best interest. And our best interest is not to forfeit the only resource we have (of unprecedented magnitude) for a truly prosperous future to a foreign entity that denies and denounces our right to this destiny. Their best interest is to keep us poor so we will never be able to fight back. Our leaders will not cower if we do not cower. If China points guns to our heads, let us stand boldly in defiance so the rest of the world will be inspired by our leadership through the face of indignation and oppression and put more guns to their heads.

    • vonzino

      I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I Deserve Better. I AM Filipino.

      Our generation has a calling right now – We will be robbed of the only opportunity we may have to actually triple our GDP and become a first world nation in the Global economy. And so far our screams have reached oblivion. We must scream together.