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A Forest Park in Metro Manila?

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Last July 1, the Arroceros Forest Park was returned to the NGO (Winners Foundation) who was originally tasked for its development. While we were having our orientation from Winners, we can feel their passion for the forest and their pain in seeing the old trees felled a couple of years ago. They have, from the moment of destruction to the time they regained the forest, tried to take care of the vegetation despite gates and doors being closed to their faces but degradation was imminent. The once rich canopy fell to human destruction and storm.

Now that the forest is back in their hands, it’s time to build anew and make do with the land spared of the building construction.

If you are passionate about the environment or would simply like to have something the next generation can enjoy other than concrete walls, visit Arroceros Forest Park and consider volunteering for its preservation and maintenance.

Four years hence, I wonder how the Forest Park is coming along.  I fervently wish it is thriving.  We should always remain vigilant, lest it’s taken away from us again.  You’ll never know where the threat will be.  The last time, it was from the local government!

To visit Arroceros, simply take an LRT ride along Taft Avenue and drop off at the Central Station. This is very near the Metropolitan Theater. Ask around where the new DepED building is. That’s where the Forest Park is as well. It’s a stone’s throw from the LRT station.

My original blog post: Taking back the Arroceros Forest Park

  • cherrey

    this is interesting. how big is this?

    • Chiqui

      It is only 2.1 hectares, yet it was destroyed.