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It is almost mid afternoon, a boy stretching his arms while yawning on his messy bed tries to recover from a deep sleep last night. Nikko is still on his recollection of the terrible nightmare. Nightmare that replays every time he goes home late at night in his new fad in Manila. But this moment leads him to feel so tired. And decided not to attend his work..

It was the saddest year when Nikko Angeles, young at 13 and was on his 6th grade of schooling, when his parents were murdered at their own house an hour before he arrived home from school after his successful elementary graduation. He was dead silent while he was staring at his father and mother’s body bathing on their blood. No signs of chances to live. Nikko was shocked and never had uttered any word. Crying, he slowly walked to his mother. Looked at her so grief-stricken. He held his mother’s hands and kissed.

“I–I waited for you… and dad. I wanted to.. to surprise both of you, that I endeavored the great gifts to offer you. I waited for you because I wanted to tell the world that you are the best mother in the whole world. Here, (crying) my medals as the class valedictorian. I did your advise dad”, reaching his father’s arms. “I made it. I wanted you to be so proud of me”.

Now, it is ten years after that dreadful afternoon of his parent’s murder. Those years when he struggled to live by himself and faced the most traumatic event of his life. Ten years of mourning and surviving each day with sadness and anger. Anger to those who took the lives of his loving parents. Ten years of succeeding his target of becoming a fully pledged lawyer. Ten years of nightmares and this day is what he’s waiting for. Revenge.

Ten years indeed had passed but the memory of his parent’s death is still fresh in Nikko’s mind. Even now that he’s a successful lawyer.The traumatic scenes of the terrible moment spoken to, and invaded him at night through nightmares every time he sleeps.

Still on his cluttered bed, he struggles to get up and heads his way to bathroom to take his hour shower. Yes, he was tired last night and this day, instead of relaxing all day, gives him the courage to step forward in his plans. He’s going to the  Law Firm to file his long week leave of absence.

The office granted his long week of absence. Without wasting much time, he packed a couple of shirts, jeans, shorts and underwear and prepared his other personal things. He’ll be spending at least four days in their old house in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

Nikko again called to his mind the scenes of his teenage trauma. He remembered that day after his parent’s interment, his aunt who stayed in Manila asked him to come with her since there was no one to look after him. He was only thirteen then. He left their house but the memories lived even until now. But he is now ready to take chances of finding even single and little clues about his parent’s death, there in their old house. He also recalls the last time he visited the house in December two years ago. His one night stay there just gave him so much pains of the past. But he is certain this time. So sure of succeeding all his plans.

It’s already twilight when Attorney Nikko has finally arrived home. Mang Intoy, the caretaker of the house opens the gate and greets attorney a pleasant evening.

” Good evening sir”, said the caretaker.

Nikko replied with a plain nod and a bare smile.

“Why didn’t you call that you’ll be coming tonight sir. My wife and I should at least prepare something for you”, Mang Intoy uttered with excitement.

But Attorney didn’t mind his talking instead continued walking and staring around the house. Nothing has changed in it. Everything is in proper order. The arrangement of the appliances, furniture and all. He moves on to his room. Puts his bag down and lies flat on his bed. Due to his tiring travel, he fell asleep.

“Bang! Bang!” the sound wakes him up. It was again another nightmare. He gets up and goes to the kitchen, opens the fridge to drink a glass of cold water.Then, walks around the house. First, he enters to his mom and dad’s room. The setting dos not change at all. The family size bed, the pillows on it, the side table with an antique lamp shade. On the wall still hangs up the family picture, the panting of an angel… Everything hasn’t changed for the past ten years. He sits on the bed and feels its softness. He stands up and proceeds to the side table. He opens the drawer. There he sees a small box. He unties the box and his wonder pointed on a folded paper. He picks it up but hesitant to read. Instead puts the letter in his pocket and leaves the room.

It’s past midnight but Nikko is still fully awake. In his mind is the letter he got from his mother’s box. But he is afraid. Afraid to find the truth. What if the letter is about the death of his loving parents. He gets the letter and slowly opens it…

To our only son,

We are so blessed because God has given us a good and bright boy. We are so happy seeing you grow. Your smiles whenever we give you toys, and your crying face whenever you fall from your bicycle. Your dad and I are very proud of you.

On your graduation day, we know even if you are not telling us, that you are the valedictorian of your class. Well, you cannot keep a secret from us.We know all your moves and we believe in your abilities. Keep it up son. After graduation, your father and I decided to send you to our closest friend’s house in Manila to continue your studies. We prepared everything for that. After a year, we will also follow you there. We just have to watch our businesses here. After all, it is only one year and we will live together again as a happy and a perfect family.

With this letter is a gold pendant with our pictures. Keep it. It is a sign of our undying love to you. We also prepared a gift. But we made it with a twist. Like having a treasure hunting in our house. Are you ready son?

Good luck and remember that we always love you.

With all our life and love,
Mommy and Daddy

Follow these steps to get your reward…
Unlock the green box placed under the piano. But you must find the key in your room. Clues are hidden so you must be keen. When you opened the box, run to the attic, you will see our gift.

Crying so deeply, Nikko was puzzled about the letter. He missed his mom and dad. But he never wasted time. He headed directly to the sala where the piano stands beside the stairs. He saw the dusty green box but was locked. Then holding the box, led to his room to find the key. He stood amidst his room to think where possibly his mother put the key. The Adidas cap caught his attention and obtained it right away. Inside, he saw they key and excitedly opened the box as if a child hungry to drink his milk. There he read the clue:


Puzzled, he ran into the attic. He turned on the lights and moved his eyes around. He couldn’t see anything but boxes. Thousand of boxes. He struggled and tried hard to find the blue one. He paused a while thinking his luck in front of the small blue box. He carried it all his hands and put down beside the door. Opened it and was surprised to see a basket full of diamonds and a note:



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Disclaimer: Definitely Filipino is a community blog. All who write for this blog are independent, unpaid authors. All views, content, images are the responsibility of their respective writers and not of Definitely Filipino. Please contact the author directly with questions about this article.
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  • Jules

    The story is interesting.

    Kindly have someone proofread it para mas maganda.

    Also, if “he arrived home from school after his successful elementary graduation,” how come the parents are murdered in the house? Di ba dapat kasama sa graduation ang parent/s as part of Filipino culture?

    Thanks for sharing this to us.

    Good day!

    • leahcim_isaac

      Thanks for your suggestion and for reading…

  • lili

    i find the age of attorney nikko weird. if his parents died when he was 13 and he became a lawyer 10 years after, that makes him 23 years old. however, you can only take law after you graduate from college and then law study takes another 4 years, then about 5 months to review, take the bar in september and wait for the result the following year. so, technically atty. nikko could not have been a lawyer already at age 23.. that would be impossible. take this into consideration and your story would be more believable..

    but your story is quite interesting..:-)

    • leahcim_isaac

      You’ve said it right. I will take note of that. Thankful I am for your appreciation. God bless!

  • Lynx

    Good story. I like it. Very inspirational.

    • leahcim_isaac

      Very much thanks to you…

  • HoyKulot

    Basta kumikinang nakakasilaw… I like the story!

  • Najo

    This story is really amazing. The portrayal of what greed can do to a simple being is truly emphasized in the end, and the effects throughout the whole story. Keep it up sir 🙂

    • leahcim_isaac

      Your kind words are so much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Trolly McTroll

    LOL @ all the grammatical errors in this shiz. I thought you were an english teacher? I am deeply disappointed. Tsk tsk tsk.

    • leahcim_isaac

      OOps sorry if I disappointed you. Thanks for reading anyway.

  • leahcim_isaac

    Thanks for the appreciation.

    • leahcim_isaac


    • leahcim_isaac

      Thanks a lot. 🙂

    • leahcim_isaac

      Thanks. 🙂

    • leahcim_isaac

      The ending is hanging actually and will leave you to conclude about the boy’s next step. Thanks so much for reading. 🙂

    • leahcim_isaac

      Can you help me? Thanks.

    • leahcim_isaac

      It’s fiction Jose. I just used Bolinao since that’s where my province is. CAASI here by the way. 🙂

    • leahcim_isaac

      Maraming salamat… 🙂

  • Cho

    The story’s focal point assumes the “dog-eat-dog” world. An abrasive characterization of man to survive is a harsh reality to reckon with- greed and avarice. The conduct that leads to atrocious experiences is beyond reproach. It is a sad thing that there are people who disregard affinity and friendship for their wants and caprices. The text is well-developed from hopelessness, struggle and leading to triumphant discovery. The title is conclusive to what will the boy (man) do next. Despite being a lawyer, Atty. Angeles should forgive (as a good boy/man) when justice is served. Nice story!

    • leahcim_isaac

      Thanks Sir CHO.