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Filipino Teachers: Kazakhstan’s Key to English Literacy

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It is also our joy that the appreciations of those who have been learning with us in the period of two years are becoming countless and the gratitude we are receiving from them towards Filipino ways of teaching English is sufficient driving force to carry on with our purpose of being the Kazakhstan’s notable key in terms of its people’s English literacy advancement.

Indeed, the precious features of Filipino teachers around the world do not just rely on intellectual level and the skills to utilize strategies and techniques of instruction but what matters most, is the kind of heart we have. We have the patience above every aspect of life and the passion and sincerity with all our endeavors. And among these strategies, our SMILES stand out. That whatever circumstances we face, we can forever manage to show them that Filipinos are determined, highly spirited and cheerful.

Yes, being a teacher is indeed a noble profession. And being a Filipino educating other races makes it the noblest, makes a difference that stand out among the rest.