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Burj Khalifa-Tallest Building in the World

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The exit corridors have sophisticated designs. They also have a showcase that tells the history of how they built the tower together with pictures of people that took part in the construction stage (more like ambassadors, hehehe!) There are videos and pictures and scale models of the tower.

The interior design is black and white and silver and granites and glasses and more silver claddings. Everything’s smelling so expensive, really.

It’s a dream come true for Sheikh Maktoum, the pattern is there…you dream it…. then you plan it…. you act on it…. then you have it!

Mabruk, Burj Khalifa!!!

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  • If the author had dig up more information not focusing on the Burj Khalifa (the establishment alone), it would’ve been better.

    Just a brief add’l info, hundreds if not thousands of Intelligent and Competent Filipino Engineers, Electricians and Architects were part of the construction of this ambitious project of Dubai.

    Just sayin. 🙂

  • gamila tarek

    Ronalyn……….you dont mention that its prohibited to bring your camera……….and I’m just curious why you dont show some pictures of what you experienced in Burj Khalifa…….hope you can show that with us……….to share those who have no luck or chance to see that place ….like me……..thank you. 😉