February 26, 2011 Ged 18

‘Carpe diem,’ a phrase that must have been used millions and millions of times, by so many different people. But what does it ‘really’ mean? […]

Kaarawan (Birthday)

February 26, 2011 DF Community 13

Pag ang tao ay isinilang sa mundong ito……doon nag sisimula ang kanyang kaarawan…….napaka dangal ang lumikha talaga sa atin….mag pasalamat tayo sa Buong Maykapal na […]


February 26, 2011 Paolo 9

Pilipino, malaya ka nga ba?… After 25 years of the ‘so-called most peaceful revolt’, has anything changed? i was a few years short of understanding […]

random thoughts

February 18, 2011 dyoize 1

looking ahead in the future.. hmmm… it’s 1.41 am and am ripping off B.E.P.’s Monkey Business album while chatting, FB’ing of course and doing some […]


February 18, 2011 spliceanddice 1

Back when I was still a teenager, my father would always listen to the radio. And he did so even years before I was in […]

Home Sweet Home?

February 18, 2011 DF Community 3

Pauwi na kami noon…. pagkatapos ng tatlong araw na bakasyon sa Bangkok kailangan na naming magimpake at magpaalam. Kailangan na naming umuwi. Pero hindi sa […]

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