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Mag-bugtungan tayo!

About Nick Ballesteros

Nick Ballesteros spent his childhood days in Baguio City, worked in Makati, climbed mountains in Laguna and Batangas, and is now searching for hobbits in New Zealand. He shares his thoughts and experiences at, and his love for food at

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3. Hindi pari, hindi hari, nagsusuot ng sari-sari.
(Not a priest, not a king, but wears different clothes)

4. Heto na si Kaka, bubuka-bukaka
(This one’s difficult to translate!)

5. Maliit na bahay, puno ng mga patay.
(A small house full of dead people)

6. Nagtago si Pedro, nakalabas ang ulo.
(Pedro hid himself, but his head is exposed)

7. Kung kailan mo pinatay, saka pa humaba ang buhay.
(Just when you killed it, did you extend its life)

8. Hayan na, hayan na di mo pa makita.
(Here it comes, here it comes but you cannot see it)

9. Nakayuko ang reyna di nalalaglag ang korona.
(The queen bent down her head, but her crown wouldn’t fall off)

10. Balon na malalim, puno ng patalim.
(A deep well with lots of sharp weapons)

1. Saranggola (kite)
2. Kasoy (cashew)
3. Sampayan (clothesline)
4. Gunting (pair of scissors)
5. Posporo (Match box with matchsticks)
6. Pako (nail)
7. Kandila (candle)
8. Hangin (wind)
9. Bayabas (guava)
10. Bunganga (mouth)

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  • ermila

    Gawain nga namin ito noong nakakalibang ding magbugtungan, marami ding bugtong sa ibat ibang dialect sana madag dagan ang mga bugtong mo mr Nick.