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The Damasos of the Catholic Church

Enough! After the grueling years of discussion and debate, it’s time to make Life easier to all – Make it happen Pres. Aquino!


Mrs. Jacinto and Mrs. Zamora are both employee of plastic factory. Both of their spouses work on the same factory. They have the same salary and benefits. Mrs. Jacinto lives in squatter area in Valenzuela while Mrs. Zamora lives in a p2,500 apartment in the same city. Mrs. Zamora’s children go to private school while Mrs. Jacinto’s children are in public school but some are not enrolled. Mrs. Zamora secured the college educational plan of her children while Mrs. Jacinto does not even provide the everyday allowance of her children.

They have the same income but why Mrs. Jacinto is far below Mrs. Zamora economically? Mrs. Zamora has two children while Mrs. Jacinto has eight and that’s the big difference that make them financially apart…

How many families live the life of Mrs. Jacinto? How many parents shared their income to ten or so family members? How many students go to school without allowances for food? How many children stayed at home or in streets because their parents have no budget for their studies? How many families live in squatters area because they can’t afford to have a house of their own? How many Mrs. Jacinto we have in the country?

How are you going to deal this alarming problem of population growth?

For many decades, our government has been held hostage by the Church and its belief of natural way of family planning. Undeniably, this “belief” leads to multiple unexpected pregnancies, 2 million babies every year, thousand of street children and family relationship gaps because of poverty. For many years, our country continues to experience desperation and hopelessness; we know the reasons behind but we just let it pass because of apathy. Our government officials let it pass because of worry to what the Damasos might do come election day. Lets make it right now – It’s time to do what is right for the country – take care of your people and stop pleasing the Damasos.

Responsible parenting goes hand in hand with family planning. Without this, we can’t expect an average percentage of sustainable families. Natural way of family planning has given reasonable contribution to level the population growth; however, in the midst of new age, it cannot stand the impact of advance technology to the society. The so called new generation has emerged with new and hyper activities that needs to be properly addressed. This generation needs to be presented with additional options on how they could responsibly manage their sexual activities and the future of their families. There are many studies and experiences proving that using contraceptives can effectively deal the alarming problem of population growth. These studies should be given enough weight.

It is very obvious that the growth of population is one of the factors why our budget does not meet the needs of every individual. Lets take education for example. Before we only have 40 students in a classroom, now we have 100 students. This is sort of saying that the budget for 40 students is now being shared by 100 students. This is also true with health or other government services. As population continue to rise, more people are competing to get their share of the limited budget the government has for them. If it continues, every effort to create jobs will be outdone by the bigger population. If before only 100 people is out to compete for 1 job, today it’s 200, then time will come thousands of people will desperately lined up to get that one job.

We should not wait for that time. The government should start waging and leading the fight against immense population growth. If the church is active on its campaign for natural way then so be it. This will help. However, the government should also present other options to further manage the population growth. What we need are responsible “choices” and access to it.

For the Damasos, what you think of moral does not necessarily mean right. Look around and observe. See if you truly communicate the values of church (other than natural way of family planning) to the people. See if you effectively inculcate the teachings of our God. I know even it is hard to admit, the answer would be “NO”. We all shared the same problem and we end up dealing with this same problem. We cannot give proper and accurate services to the people if they are too many. The scenario will always be helplessness and hopelessness. So give the issue of population control to the government. The government knows the economics better than you do. Run the church and let the government run the country! For once, practice faith. Have faith on us. Our government today deserves our TRUST while we deserve our FREEDOM OF CHOICE…

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  • amadeus

    It is good to know that the modern Filipino today is inclined to think for himself rather than be dictated on what to think. It is refershing that we are growing as a people and that we value our freedom as well. The Church has it’s stand with the RH bill, narrow as I think it is, it is based on the mere fact of religion alone without considering what is needed in our society these days. I do not understand why “they” could not see the effect of population growth making poverty inevitable for many Filipinos. So they say “Let us stick to dogma and never mind getting starved”, how utterly ridiculous! It seems easy for them to say these since a lot of parishioners do feed them with their daily collections.

    Why does the Roman Catholic church in the Philippines seem to ignore the real problem of poverty due to over population of the country? They might say they can but they oppose the RH bill which is only common sense today to have the bill passed. As far as I know they only “Talk the talk and never mind the walk”. We need to evolve as a country and if the R.C. church wants to be left behind that is their choice.

    And of all churches in our country why is R.C. church so adamant to be the only church who is solely against it? How can we move when some institutions wont even support the common good of the people for the sake of DOGMA.

  • This kind of bill has been passed on most countries, and what? Does it really worked? We’re hiding our irresponsibility and allowing lust to crawl to the minds of unaware individuals, making this kind of law as cover of Anti-Life society. The irresponsibility of our spiritual and moral values. This kind of problems will not happen if we think of that first.

    You allow the TROJAN HORSE in?

    This kind of bill is killing the truth, the teachings of CHRIST!

    Even Rizal realized in the end his mistakes. He’s judging the whole Church when he judged priests like that called the fictional DAMASO.

    Read your history, discover your self, discover what your Church is saying. You are just following the ideas of men, and not that from the Vicar of Christ on Earth which the true message from God.

    We must live the traditions of the apostles, and not that of men.

    This kind of Bill isn’t necessary.


  • ed

    I totally agree with you on this Foxtrot Uniform. Anyone who have read HB 4110 can attest that the government is against any form of Abortion. The aim is to educate the people on family planning, make their free choice of method be it natural or artificial, provide health care services and facilties & protection of women and children. The church argument and objection only is that they want to take out the artificial contraceptives on this bill, which I believe is far more effective than what our dear bishops are proposing. Every citizen has got to have a choice and should not be forced to something he/she feels not good/right for him/her.

    and why on earth our dear bishops raised morality on this issue, as if they are the most morally upright :-/ humans on this planet?…bet they forgot about the Inquisitions, the Church errie silence during the holocoust time and now the growing sex scandals in their ranks.

    • ed

      While I admire the explanation of Dr Manalo on the morality of population control but still she also don’t have a better solution nor answer on how to control the population boom. I can understand from where she’s coming since doctors are supposed to protect life. But the RH bill as I read its contents does not also encourage Abortion. What it want was for couples to have access to a wide range of method that both of them feel best suits them. If the the argument points to contraceptives as agent of abortion then I suggest Webster need to change it’s definition of Abortion. Also, look at statistics of abortion cases and check how many women got pregnant due to failure of the contraceptive used and resorted to abortion versus those who got pregnant through natural means and decided to abort the fetus…I firmly believe theres a lot and mostly young women between ages 17-23.

      Don’t get me wrong but I am a family man with 3 kids who doesn’t use modern contraceptives. But I am first hand can attest that the natural method the church is advocating, as well as the ABC of it is a failure. Me and my wife’s original plan was just to have 2 kids but after 4 years another 1 was added. Good thing i am working with a good pay and can still managed it, but what about those millions who live below poverty line? and have you ever wonder why those who have better lives have fewer children than those in the marginal level?

  • PBUK

    1- Si Mrs. Jacinto ba ay devout Roman Catholic at si Mrs. Zamora ba ay hindi devout o hindi Catholic? There is even a joke: Bakit pa ako gagastos sa condom, sayang ang pera na pangbili ng pagkain.
    2- I agree with Charlotte, nasa mag-asawa yan. Pero ang family backgrounds nila ay may influence din for example: marami ba silang magkakapatid, church devotees ba ang mga magulang nila, etc.?
    3- The church has a great influence to all who follow its teaching. That’s because they are discourage or even forbidden to question the church’s teaching (not just RC, all Christian churches, synagogue, mosque and others) to keep them in. Churches around the world are closing due to people are disillusioned. New forms of religions are spouting out everywhere. ” A simple truth can be a foundation of a great lie. ” (where mainstream religions started from and now followed by new religions)
    4- After the 2nd World War people were encourage to have lots of children to repopulate the nations.
    5- Governments were formed because the churches (when they were running the nations) abused their powers, but you can’t help thinking that the people we voted to run our governments have religious beliefs that can influence their actions. They even use religion to gain votes.
    Until now people still do not understand the role of the government and the role of the church..
    Churches teaching are doctrines which means an interpretations of their understanding of what God is saying. Which also means, the church can say anything they want and expect us listeners to accept without questions.
    6- If you think carefully, we (humans) are parasites and the earth is our host. Like parasites we do enough to keep the earth alive to sustain us, because when the host die the parasites die unless we find another host.

    We will be our own demise…..

    • Nessy

      so you’re saying LET IT BE na lg bah? Tsk.tsk.

    • Nessy

      yah right, say that to a family with 8 children. Lol.

    • ed

      @Alex, masyado kang idealistic. In picture we can paint a rosy image of what a wonderful perfect life should be based on church doctrines but reality check – man is a sinner, and it is with us since the Genesis era. Man is imperfect and no matter how we try to avoid sin but we will sin sooner along time.
      So, to relate that to what you said about…”Unwanted pregnancies could be avoided if only people are less selfish, are more disciplined and capable of self control, exercising a strong will, and capable of making sacrifices. These are virtues that are much needed in a country of disciplined people.”…I think you are referring to ROBOTS. :rotfl: