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Noon at Ngayon: Sabitan na ito ng medalya!

The Philippines has plenty of historical buildings still standing today.  To me, this particular building is most exceptional as it is one of the few that have survived the test of time, and war.  I am going to make the photos speak for themselves.

Uychaco Building -- Circa 1910-1920

The Uychaco building (red arrow) was built in 1881, at Plaza Moraga in the financial district of Binondo, Manila.  The photo above was probably taken between 1910-1920 as you can see a few Ford Model T’s mixed in with kalesas on the street.

The Uychaco Building -- Circa 1941 (2 weeks before Pearl Harbor)

Seen here just two weeks before the outbreak of WWII.  Notice that Manila was left-hand drive back then.

The Uychaco Building -- Circa 1945 (WWII aftermath)

Shown above, war-torn but still standing, next to the Insular Life Building around 1945.

The Uychaco Building -- Circa 1968

Rebuilt and photographed above in the now busy streets in 1968.

The Uychaco Building -- Today

The Uychaco building still proudly stand today, gracing the entrance to Manila’s Chinatown.  I hope that people in power realize that preserving national treasures such as this should be on the list of top priorities.  It has survived through the years and we should make sure our children’s children will enjoy this irreplacable historical landmark.

Sabitan na ng medalya ito!

P.S. It is not immediately clear whether it has always been called the Uychaco Building.  If you have any information, please leave a comment below.

About B Totanes

Ben is a technical writer who currently lives in Tracy, CA. He is the creator and founder of the Definitely Filipino Facebook page and this blog.
  • WOW!! Amazing!! I hope it will survive another 100 years before somebody will recognize the importance of that cone in our history!!

  • Chrisostomo Laguna

    “two years ago na renovate yung building may kotse pa ngang nabagsakan noong inaayos,pag nadadaanan namin yan ng wife lagi ko nga sinsabi isa yan sa pinaka matandang building dito sa chinatown”

  • Thumbs up for the pics and salute for the one who post it. Thanks very much for sharing!

  • Mao

    Deadma lang dati yang building na yan. At least now, I’ll gaze her up with amazement and honor.

    **Wow. I should’ve lived in Manila’s wide street era!

  • dodo araneta

    these old photos are amazing, beautiful and priceless! kudos for putting up this blog – and yes, i definitely agree, sabitan na ng medalya ito!! looking forward to your featuring more old, forgotten structures sa pinas.

  • chackie

    wow 101 years… it should be developed and preserved and that it will became a tourist spot… here in italy , there are many historic places and it has so much value to them, they took care… philippines still have so many historic places but was left aside…

    • Chrisostomo Laguna

      malabong bigyan pansin ng gobyerno yan,yun ngang Manila Metropolitan Theater panahon pa ni Atienza sabi aayusin pero wala rin nangyari 🙁